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When it comes to your big-day beauty, there are two very important things you're probably planning on doing: getting a prewedding tan for that extra-special glow and using highlighter to enhance your favorite features. But your tan doesn't have to be fully even, and highlighter's sole purpose isn't strobing on the face-there are many places, across your entire body, that these beauty tricks can be used to your advantage.

Quick Tips for Glowing Skin

"Tanning is a great way to look more toned and fit," Rachel Thompson, founder of Hamptons Glow, says. "By creating subtle shading and shadows by layering and blending tanner in certain areas, you can conceal uneven skin tone and create a smoother look."

For example, if you've chosen to rock one of those supersexy backless dresses on the big day, you might want to use your highlighter to make it pop even more.

"You will need a friend or someone to help with application," Thompson explains. "Once you are dressed, take a small brush and apply highlighter down the middle of your back, along your spine. Brush lightly across the lower back if it is showing, almost like an inverted T. If shoulders are showing, brush a small amount along the back and top of shoulders."

"The key here is restraint," Thompson warns. "You don't want to appear as if you are covered in glitter. You are simply highlighting the most beautiful areas of your back. The light will catch the highlighter, and the effect is gorgeous!"

You can get the same effect without highlighter, too. "To show off an area, you can adjust tanner so it is lighter and your eye is drawn to it on areas like your collarbones, shoulders, and the middle of your back," Thompson explains.

Another fun area to draw light to? Your shoulders-especially if you're wearing a strapless gown. "Again, highlighter should be subtle," Thompson advises. "Brush highlighter on the front, side and top of shoulders. This draws the eye to that area which is so beautiful." Try some on your clavicle, too, for an even leaner look.

If you're wearing a short dress, you can also play with your legs. "You can use tanner to make some areas look smaller such as creating shadows on the or contouring arms to look more toned and lean," Thompson explains. "Creating a shadow or darker line down sides of legs and abs for a slimmer appearance."

Whether you choose to contour your tanner or use highlighter, make sure to try it out with a test tan so that you can be confident in the final result. Also: blend! "Blending is key... especially for fair skin tones," Thompson says.

"Please remember that for your wedding, you are enhancing your own personal beauty, not trying to look like someone else," Thompson says. "Remaining subtle in application is the most important tip."


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