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deckle edge invitations omalley photographers
Photo: O'Malley Photographers

Whether you love romantic details or classic style, one of these suites was made for you.

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Kati Mallory Photo & Design

Deckle-edge invitation suites have been gaining popularity for some time now, and it's clear the trend is here to stay. Even if you haven't had a name for them, we're confident you've seen (and likely received) one before: Those delicate, antique-looking invitations with rough-cut edges that you've been eyeing throughout your entire engagement finally have a name.

What, exactly, is a deckle-edge anyway? In the traditional paper making process, a deckle (or wood frame) helped to keep paper slurry in the place to create the correct size paper. During this process, some of that slurry would get caught beneath the frame and form an imperfect edge, unlike the clean, sharp paper we're used to now. So how do stationers create invites with deckle-edges today? They have two options. Some companies still create handmade paper, which naturally results in a deckle edge. Because this process is more involved, handmade paper is often more expensive than machine-made options. If you have your heart set on this look but don't want to shell out for spendy paper (or else fell in love with cardstock that doesn't have torn edges), your stationer may offer hand-tearing for an additional fee. This process recreates the look of deckle-edges on machine-made paper, and your guests will never know the difference.

While there's no benefit to using deckle-edge paper over sharp-cornered varieties, there is an aesthetic difference. If you a love romantic or vintage vibe, this soft, feathery cardstock will set that tone from the very beginning. Just look at this lovely suite, designed by Deborah Allen Art, which was created for a French destination wedding. The torn edges add tons of texture and style to the entire look.

But just because they innately lend themselves to a romantic style doesn't mean that's your only option. You'll also find modern, glamorous, and playful invitation examples here, all featuring deckle-edge paper. Click through to see some of our favorite examples of the trend here.

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Moody Suite

deckle edge invitations omalley photographers
O'Malley Photographers

A deep blue envelope, a moody floral liner, and deckle-edge paper gave this La Happy invitation suite an Old-World vibe.

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Watercolor Suite

deckle edge invitations kristen hudson nichols photography
Hudson Nichols Photography

Watercolor might be trendy, but it can also look entirely classic. The pros at Silt & Pine printed this deckle-edge suite on cardstock with a barely-there blue wash, resulting in an elegant, romantic vibe that looks as good now as it will in 20 years.

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Glamorous Suite

deckle edge invitations kurt boomer
Kurt Boomer Photography

Black deckle-edge paper paired with metallic gold calligraphy made this Written Word Calligraphy suite totally glam.

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Soft Blue Suite

deckle edge invitations when he found her
When He Found Her

There was no shortage of vintage inspiration in this soft blue invitation suite from Michaela McBride Calligraphy. Silk ribbon, a scroll place card, and a delicate wax seal were added bonuses.

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Pink Suite

deckle edge invitations maria lamb
Maria Lamb Photography

Soft pink hues and deckle-edges might just be the ultimate pairing. Jenny Sanders designed this feminine set and employed a mix of popular stationery trends: gold calligraphy, metallic calligraphy, and those feathery edges.

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Traditional Suite

deckle edge invitations laura gordon photography
Laura Gordon Photography

With an illustrated map and crest, classic calligraphy, and a simple black-and-white color palette, this House of Hannah invitation suite was perfect for a traditional celebration.

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Illustrated Suite

deckle edge invitations koman photography
Koman Photography

This romantic illustrated invitation suite was dreamt up by stationer Nicnillas Ink. The same venue drawing appeared on every aspect of the couple's invite—from the save-the-date card to the envelope liner—and deckle-edge paper in a few different hues tied it all together.

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Botanical Suite

wedding stationery
Laura Gordon Photography

The couple wanted a bohemian vibe for their wedding day, so Wildfield Paper Co. set the right tone from the very beginning with a floral invite suite. The hand-torn edges and dusty hues of purple and pink fit with that same aesthetic.

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Modern-Meets-Vintage Suite

deckle edge invitations blush wedding photography
Blush Wedding Photography

LeLe Chan Designs paired transparent save-the-dates with marbled invitation cardstock (both with deckle-edges) to create a mix of contemporary and classic style. The same elegant calligraphy was used on both pieces to tie the look together.

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Neutral Suite

deckle edge invitations candace cross photography
Candace Cross Photography

The deckle-edges on this ultra-romantic stationery suite, created and calligraphed by Kelsey Malie Calligraphy, weren't the only stand-out details. The opaque insert, neutral color palette, and swirly gold writing were all equally eye-catching.

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Pale Blue Suite

deckle edge invitations clary pfeiffer
Clary Pfeiffer Photography

Layers of Loveliness used cotton rag deckle-edge paper from Silk & Willow to create this washed blue invitation suite. The torn edges, slanted calligraphy, and faded color all contributed to the romantic feel.

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Romantic Suite

deckle edge invitations jen huang
Jen Huang

Creamy paper paired with the softest gold calligraphy lent an insanely romantic vibe to this Written Word Calligraphy invitation suite. Even the vintage stamps, silk ribbon, and gold wax seal complemented the aesthetic. The deckle-edges on the paper only added to that feel.

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Lavender Suite

deckle edge invitations meghan rose photography
Meghan Rose Photography

Lattice Tree Studio chose deckle-edge paper to complete these lavender-themed wedding invitations.

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Vintage Suite

deckle edge invitations brancoprata

The torn edges on this Haint Blue Collective invitation suite perfectly mirrored the vintage look of the illustration used on the envelope liner.

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Pink Suite

deckle edge invitations deidre lynn photography
Deidre Lynn Photography

We don't know what we love more about this suite: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy's use of hand-torn edges or the one-of-a-kind tie-dye color she achieved on the paper. Either way, there's no denying that this unique suite wowed guests.

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Contemporary Suite

deckle edge invitations lisa blume
Lisa Blume Photography

Deckle-edges aren't just for those who love romantic style. Emily Baird Design's gray interpretation proves that modern pairs can utilize this paper style, too.

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Elopement Suite

deckle edge invitations rustic bloom photography
Rustic Bloom Photography

Although not technically an invitation, this couple asked stationer Camie June to create a deckle-edge elopement announcement, which featured watercolor illustrations of trees, a mountain, and a river.

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Earthy Suite

deckle edge invitations meggie taylor
Meggie Taylor

Deckle-edges perfectly complemented the earthy vine motif on this Felderhoff and Co. invitation suite.

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Floral Suite

deckle edge invitations rachel martin creative
Rachel Marvin Creative

Deckle-edge paper and a soft floral motif made this Rachel Martin Creative invite set a standout, but the clear envelope keeps the otherwise classic look from feeling too sweet.

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Simple Suite

deckle edge invitations tiffany sangster
Tiffany Sangster Photography

Don't confuse simple with boring. This elegant invitation, printed on deckle-edge paper, featured the prettiest gold calligraphy and was wrapped in gilded string. Shasta Bell Calligraphy brought the look to life.

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Southern Suite

deckle edge invitations vitor lindo photography
Vitor Lindo Photography

Southern magnolias and an illustrated crest completed this thematic invitation suite.

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Modern Gray Suite

deckle edge invitations jenna joseph photography
Jenna Joseph Photography

Four Things Paper paired a unique gray color wash with swirly calligraphy and deckle-edges to create a set of invitations perfect for a fall or winter wedding.

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