21 "Just Married" Sign and Banner Ideas

just married couple in car
Kat Braman

When you got engaged, sharing the news was probably part of the thrill (cue the engagement-ring selfie, photo shoot, and party!). It's the same situation when you finally tie the knot. After tons of time spent planning and anticipating the big day, broadcasting your new status will feel so good. That's why so many couples choose to decorate with "just married" signs, or other items that make it clear that they're now officially spouses. If you're hoping to celebrate your union that way too, look no further than these ideas.

There's nothing like the classic "just married" sign, which gets affixed to your getaway car. Often, this comes in the form of a banner like this gold one from Nana Party Simplified. Your exit vehicle isn't the only place on which you can reveal that you're newlyweds, though. Another popular option is to use wedding reception signs, like "Mr. and Mrs." chair signs, or table signs displaying your shared last name. Some pairs get even more creative, turning to something like fashion to spread the word! Really, there are countless possibilities, as the following examples go to show. Additionally, you aren't limited to the words "just married"—the ideas ahead feature different phrasings, too.

To really see what's out there in terms of inspiration, click through this gallery. In the mix are signs made of wood, decorated with elegant calligraphy, and even a few personalized with details about the couple. Best of all, many of these ideas would be easy to DIY. From rustic to elegant and cute to creative, you're bound to find something that sparks your interest.

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Neon Sign

just married sign light up wooden
Amy Higg Photography

Let your love glow with a thematic light, like this "just married" one by Avideas. You can either rent one for the big day or customize one that you can take home after the wedding.

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Paper Scroll

Ryan Ray Photography

Gorgeous flowers and a scroll-like design will make your "just married" sign look ultra-romantic. The blooms here were by Bows + Arrows; Julie Song provided the calligraphy.

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Table Sign

just married sign in flower arrangement
Brandon Kidd

Laser-cut signs are ever popular, and not just for topping your cake. Stick a "just married" one (like this Better Off Wed option) on your head table in lieu of a table number to celebrate the occasion.

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Ribbon Banner

Kate Osborne Photography

Affix your "just married" sign to your mode of transportation using ribbon—the end result will look pretty and sweet. The Louise Press calligraphed this one.

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Burlap Banner

just married sign off road vehicle jeep
Feather and Stone

This couple's venue, Ulusaba, supplied them with a painted burlap banner. The style fit right in with their safari-themed celebration.

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Bike Sign

just married sign vintage bicycle plate
Emily Delamater Photography

For a casual reception exit, consider riding off into the sunset on a bike instead of a car. A simple "just married" sign will make the mode of transportation feel extra special.

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Custom Attire

mrs. black leather jacket just married couple
Jordan Voth

Let everyone know that you're now a spouse with a jacket (or another clothing item) that displays your new title, like this leather outwear.

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Paper Sign

wedding car just married sign
Katie Kett Photography

Calligraphed paper is easy to obtain and just as pretty as other alternatives. This "just married" version was courtesy of Luxe Paris.

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Name Banner

mr. and mrs. banner just married couple
Kayla Yestal

These two posed for portraits with a Flourish Calligraphy banner displaying "Mr. + Mrs." and their newly-shared last name.

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Wreathed Sign

just married sign white classic car our story begins here
KT Merry

Make a getaway sign stand out by surrounding it with a greenery garland. This Joy Proctor Design and Julie Song one was unique in another way: instead of saying "just married," it said "our story begins here."

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Parade Banner

just married sign banner couple
Lauren Fair Photography

How festive was this couple's "just married" banner, which led guests in a wedding parade? Sarah Park Events planned the affair.

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Motorcycle Sign

Aaron Delesie

For an edgy exit, try a motorcycle and sidecar. A "just married" sign will be the icing on the cake.

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Letter Board Sign

becca zac wedding couple with sign
Fer Juaristi

A last-name letter board like this will leave its mark long after the big day. Display it on a desk or shelf at home to remember the occasion for years to come.

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String Banner

just married sign black classic car couple
Mariel Hannah Photography

Pennant letters spelling out "just married" in metallic letters decorated this getaway car.

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Celebratory Accessory

just married sparkly white purse clutch
Mikkel Paige Photography

Another chic way to wear your new status? An accessory similar to this Kate Spade clutch! You can carry it at your reception, and then later on your honeymoon.

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Car Decal

stephanie jared wedding car
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

Deck out your getaway car with an easily-removable sticker for a temporary nod to your nuptials.

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Unique Sign

we eloped sign record vinyl couple
Monique Serra Photography

If you're throwing an intimate or surprise celebration, share the news with a cool sign like this Clink and Kiss one—a record with "we eloped" written on it.

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Event Signs

we do we did wooden arrows sign wedding
Proud Rad

Direct guests to different portions of your event with a "we do" ceremony sign and a "we did" reception sign, which also signals your status change. These ones appeared at The Forest Barn.

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Trailing Sign

wedding car
Maui Maka Photography

Embrace the tradition of tying cans to your getaway vehicle with an accompanying "just married" sign.

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Carriage Sign


Clearly, "just married" banners work in a variety of situations. This couple opted for a paper Blackbird Letterpress sign on their getaway carriage. Heart-shaped sunglasses by Private Island Party also symbolized their union.

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Wooden Sign

just married sign tractor getting hitched wedding
Amanda K Weddings and Portraits

This couple went for a rustic look with their fun "getting hitched" sign. The wooden board was held up using a tractor plow.

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