You'll love what he wrote for hubby David Burtka this year.
David Burtka with His Twins on His Birthday
Credit: Neil Patrick Harris via Instagram

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have been together for over a decade, which means they've spent a fair share of birthdays together. But just because they're used to celebrating each other doesn't mean they've started skimping out. For Burtka's 42nd birthday, Harris took to Instagram, and his message was seriously sweet.

"Happy Birthday, David. You're the most glorious husband/father/person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing," he lovingly wrote. "My love and appreciation for you is immeasurable. May this be your best year yet! xoxo." The caption accompanied a photo of Burtka in front of a cake with the couple's six-year-old twins.

The couple is known for their incredible Instagrams (Halloween, anyone?) so the message comes as no surprise. They also took to social media in April for their anniversary, with similarly-sweet notes as well. "Thirteen years and one day ago, I crossed paths with the guy on the left. The adventures have never ceased. The love has never waned. The gifts are never ending (the guy on the right, e.g.)," wrote Harris. Burtka shared happy sentiments too, writing "Thank you Neil for being compassionate, adventurous, and an all around fantastic man. I love you more than ever."

Can this power pair get any more adorable?


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