To keep your wedding guests from overheating at an outdoor summer fete, pass out handmade fans -- trust us, they'll be grateful.

Portland, Oregon-based artist Julianna Swaney created the beautiful artwork on these fans. The illustration was "inspired by the Victorian era, which is a perfect mix of the strange and beautiful," Swaney says. You can find her work at

To make these beautiful fans, download the PDF and print onto card stock or heavy paper. If you'd like a monogram in the center, ask a calligrapher to create one for you. You can have the calligrapher write on each fan, or you could scan the monogram (or find one in a clip-art book), and use a desktop publishing software to layer it on top of the PDF before printing the fans.

Use large scissors to cut around the outline using long, smooth strokes (cut just inside the line). Lay the front of the fan face down, and run a glue stick around the outside edge. Then run the glue stick over both sides of one end of the wooden spoon, and lay the spoon in position at the bottom of the fan.

Place the back of the fan over the front, aligning the edges and sandwiching the wooden spoon between the layers. Rub firmly around the edges and over the spoon to help the glue adhere. Tie a ribbon around the handle, and trim ends at an angle.


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