There's never a good time to be dehyrdated, but it's especially problematic on a day this important.

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Did you know that we're made up of 60 percent water? That impressive stat alone proves just how vital H2O is to our overall health. The simple fact is that staying hydrated helps our body function at its peak-and benefits include glowing skin, body temperature regulation, enhanced mental function, a healthy immune system, and the ability to recover faster after workouts, explains Frances Largeman-Roth, R.D.N., author of Eating in Color. Of course, it's important to drink enough water every day, but if there's one day when you want to take all precautions to not be dehydrated, it's on your wedding day. "First, you want to look your best, and being hydrated will help give you that youthful, dewy glow," explains Largeman-Roth. "Second, many brides don't eat very much on their wedding day, either due to jitters, being busy, or because they want to make sure they can fit into their dress-and if you combine too few calories with too little water, plus heightened nerves and a tight dress in a warm room, that can set you up for a nasty headache or even fainting."

What's more: Chances are, you're going to be sipping some Champagne on your big day, and it's crucial to drink enough water in order to combat the dehydrating effects of alcohol. To help ensure you sip down your fair share of water, we asked top nutrition pros to give us their best tips for sneaking in hydration on the wedding day.

Hydrate throughout the week of your wedding.

Toby Amidor, M.S., R.D., author of Smart Meal Prep for Beginners, recommends that brides drink plenty of water in the days leading up to their wedding. "This can make sure that you are facing your wedding day fully hydrated and can help contribute to your energy levels on the day of," she says.

Drink a large glass of water as soon as you wake up.

It might not be the first thing you want to do when you wake up on your wedding day, but drinking a large glass of water before you start any preparations is smart. "This will start your day off right, and put it at the front of your mind," explains Paige Bente, a registered dietitian. "Remember: Staying well hydrated is much easier than trying to catch up once you are dehydrated!"

Cut back on sodium.

Increased salt intake forces your kidneys to work over time to flush out the extra sodium. This, Bente explains, uses up more water and forces your body to pull water out of cells. Instead of reaching for the chips and dip while you're getting ready in the morning, she recommends brides choose hydrating foods such as fruits and veggies, which are low in sodium and high in water content.

Have one glass of water in between every alcoholic beverage.

Seriously, this rule works. Instead of sipping one glass of Champagne after the other, add in a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink to prevent dehydration. "Alcohol reduces your body's production of antidiuretic hormone which controls how much fluid your body retains, meaning you'll produce more urine than necessary, leading to dehydration," explains Bente.

Put a bridesmaid on water duty.

Remembering to drink enough water on such a busy day as your wedding is tricky. That's why it can be helpful to have someone else in charge-a water-girl or -boy of sorts. "Ask someone to set an alarm in their phone to bring you a glass of water once an hour," suggests Bente. "This takes the burden off of you to remember, and will help guarantee you stay well hydrated!"


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