A seated breakfast is far from your only option.

brunch-to-go wedding favors
Credit: Sara Corona

Seeing all of your guests and close family and friends the day after the wedding is always fun, but a post-wedding brunch isn't your only option. Whether a formal sit-down meal isn't in the budget or you're looking for a more casual option, know that you have a number of other options. Here, a few good alternatives to the classic post-wedding brunch.

Grab-and-Go Breakfast

You can make this time more of a "come and go" style event. Include some sort of continental breakfast with foods that you can eat on the go, like yogurt parfaits, bagels, and fresh fruit. This way, guests who have the time to relax and chat can, but those who need to get on the road can grab a bite and say goodbye before leaving.

In-Room Breakfast Boxes

If you know you're going to want the morning to yourselves or you know your guests will be up late partying and will prefer to sleep in, skip the formal brunch and send breakfast to everyone's rooms instead. A small bottle of Champagne, orange juice, and your favorite breakfast pastries or bagels would be perfect. Guests can enjoy the bites at their leisure.

Pool Party

Tying the knot when the weather is warm? Invite everyone back to a relative or friend's house for a pool party and BBQ lunch. Consider other seasonal options if this doesn't align with the weather—group apple picking in the fall, a picnic in the park, or a hot chocolate party in winter are fun ideas, too.

Skip It Entirely

There's no rule book that says you have to have a post-wedding brunch. Ultimately, the day is yours and if you don't want to have a time scheduled out with guests after the wedding day, you don't have to.


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