Because there really is no love like a mother's.
A Bride and Her Mom Holding Hands Before the Wedding

The only thing better than seeing a sweet moment shared between a mother and her daughter? Seeing that mother-daughter moment in a wedding video, of course. From clips of a mother helping her daughter into her wedding dress or one where she brings the crowd to tears with a heartfelt speech, a touching mother-daughter wedding moment always givs us all the feels. Check out four of our all-time favorite wedding videos featuring mom's and their daughters. We're sure these touching moments will having you calling up your own mom as fast as your fingers can dial.

When the mother of the bride walks her daughter down the aisle.

This might be a job that's usually reserved for Dad, but this mama's got it covered! Watching Shaunese walk down the aisle on her mom's arm brought immediate tears to our eyes. How amazing is it that they'll always have this video to look back on and remember how they felt in that moment forever?

Cinematographer: Canvas & Light

When the bride wears her mother's wedding dress.

We always get a little emotional watching the MOB help her daughter get ready on the big day. But Courtney's mom is actually helping her into the very same dress she wore on her wedding day, which has us reaching for the whole box of tissues.

Cinematographer: Theory Y Design

When the mother of the groom realizes she's not losing a son, but gaining a daughter.

Ethan's mom keeps it real in her wedding toast: She thought his marriage meant she was losing her travel buddy but she quickly realized that she was actually gaining a bonus jetsetting partner-and the look on Ethan and Sarika's faces when she shares this revelation is proof of why wedding toasts exist.

Cinematographer: Dream Light Visuals

When the mother of the bride doubles as the maid of honor.

What better way to show your mom how much she means than to give her the top spot in the bridal party? If your mom's your BFF, follow Nora's lead and let her hold a dual title on the big day. Something tells us she's no stranger to multitasking!

Cinematographer: Kemari Lyn Films


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