Looking to put a new twist on your celebration fare? Jess Levin of Carats & Cake caught up with these event pros to find out what delicious and inventive dish and drink requests soon-to-be newlyweds are now putting to the taste test.
Yellow Cocktail
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Herby Beverages

"We're embracing the use of fresh garden herbs in our cocktails-lavender, thyme, scented geranium, rosemary, and mint are a few of this season's favorites. The options are endless when you use herbs, and we're doing everything we can with them-infusing in spirits and syrups, muddling with ripe citrus fruits, and using these as garnishes to add a little green flair in presentation!" -Luis Antonio Thompson, Director of Beverage Innovation at Great Performances

Cedar Lakes Estate
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Edible Arrangements

"We tailor our crops each season to grow produce specifically for the menus chosen by our brides and grooms, which brings this special occasion to another level of personalization. We are also seeing more couples incorporating beautiful produce into their décor. We have seen everything from apple branches (with apples still attached!) as floating centerpieces, to ruby red beets and purple artichokes in bridal bouquets, to entire produce tablescapes where the guests took home CSA boxes instead of floral arrangements at the end of the night!" -Lisa Karvellas, Cedar Lakes Estate

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Miniature Mixers and Munchies

"We are seeing lots of mini cocktails paired with bite-size hors d'oeuvres on the same tray." -Kristin Doggett, Bellafare

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Brian Dorsey
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Artful Displays

"When event designers choose modern décor, the chefs' presentation of hors d'oeuvres are now stylistically designed to match. Here, each individual food is displayed as an exquisite work of art-to be readied for final presentation by a carving artist." -Brian Dorsey, Brian Dorsey Studios

Marianne Taylor
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Signature Drinks

"A couple's signature cocktail is a fun way to personalize cocktail hour and set the tone for the festivities ahead. I love when couples name their signature cocktail with a twist on their own names or after a special location or memory from their lives. You can also really have fun with its presentation, too-from the selection of glassware, stirrers, straws, garnishes, and cocktail napkins in your wedding color palette." -Mary Lee Herrington

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Dessert Table
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Bite-Size Sweets

"Mini desserts have been all the rage this past year, like these mini sweet shooters, French macarons, and assorted brownie pops." -A'Bulae

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Photo courtesy of Wolfgang Puck Catering

One-of-a-Kind Cuisine

"Today's couple wants great food and unique presentation. Food has become part of the event, and we are always looking for ways to push the envelope with creativity to enhance the overall guest experience." -Jami Pennings, Catering Sales Manager with Wolfgang Puck Catering


Themed Stations

"A new style of dinner for weddings has been a take on the ‘European Food Bazaar,' with a variety of themed stations for guests to explore. We usually recommend a preset first course for guests to enjoy at their table before visiting the stations; this helps create a sense of formality, and while all of your guests are seated, it's the perfect time for toasts and speeches. After the formalities, we'll invite guests to begin exploring the stations." -Laura Remmert, Laura Remmert Events

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Sharing Style

"Family-style dinner formats are becoming an increasingly appealing and viable option for couples at their wedding receptions. It is a trend that has predominantly taken over the restaurant business model, but is seldom seen at weddings. Not only does it allow guests to taste more of the menu, sharing large plates evokes the memory and feeling of gathering with loved ones around the table-which is what weddings are all about!" -Epicurean Events

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A New Kind of Bar

"A recent trend has been the incorporation of customized and stylized bars. In particular, dessert and specialty-cocktail bars, such as whiskey and finely-crafted mini dessert bites. These stylized bars fully allow a bride and groom (or host) to showcase their individuality and diverse palette of tastes." -Kristin Banta, Kristin Banta Events

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