Here's the perfect planning timeline for this pre-wedding event.

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It's (bachelorette) party time! Once you choose a date, a destination, and a theme, it's time to let your guests know the details. But how far in advance of the event should you start spreading the word? While you'll want to give everyone enough time to consider their schedules, book travel (if necessary), and to take time off work, you also don't want to begin planning too far out that it's impossible for guests to gauge whether or not they're actually free.

Charlotte Hale, CEO and founder of Plum Pretty Sugar, says that finding the sweet spot is important. "Lives are so busy these days and if the bachelorette party is out of town or destination, so I think three months is appropriate. I think it's important to give guests the time to plan and get excited about the fun to come," she says. At the three-month mark, it's a good idea to notify the bride's ideal guest list with the trip's information, including dates, estimated travel costs, and any important plans. These details will help them decide whether or not they can attend.

What type of event you're planning also impacts how far in advance you'll need to spread the word to guests. Liz Curtis, owner of Table + Teaspoon, says, "Just like every wedding is different based on the couple's preferences, bachelorette parties can vary from a simple one-night affair to a week-long international vacation. If you're keeping it simple by having a night out on the town with your favorite ladies, then a few weeks' notice should be fine." But if you're planning a destination extravaganza, try to give your bridesmaids several months notice, or even as much as six months, says Curtis. "Requesting time off, purchasing plane tickets, and booking hotels or an Airbnb all become more difficult the closer you get to the date of the bachelorette party."

Simply put, be courteous of others' time when planning a bachelorette party. If the celebration is easy to get to and associated with low costs, a shorter amount of notice is perfectly fine. But if you're asking guests to travel for the bachelorette party, notifying guests at least three months ahead of time is a good idea.


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