Stop planning your future for a second, because Mode Studios is taking us back in time with another 100 Years time-lapse video, and it's right up our aisle, er, alley. In only three minutes, a blushing bride debuts dresses spanning the century, starting in 1915 and ending in 2015—proof that no matter what your personal style is, you can find inspiration in any era. Which decade are you drawn to?
Credit: Courtesy of Mode Studios

From the 1920s flapper bride to the long-sleeved, lace-donning darling of the '50s, these vintage-inspired wedding dresses have us gushing over days gone by, all while admiring how far we have come-both in fashion and in society. (Spoiler: In a nod to this year's Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, the modern-day bride is joined in the end by not a man but a woman!)

Sit back and see bridal necklines, silhouettes, accessories, hairstyles, and even bouquets documented in this episode transform with the times to represent brides of every era.

1915: The bride begins with a conservative neckline, elbow-high white gloves, and a mantilla veil draped over her head and framing her face.

Credit: Courtesy of Mode Studios

1925: Flash-forward, and she's now a Prohibition-era flapper. She may have kept her gloves, but she traded all that ornate fabric for a flirtier neckline, pearls, and exposed ankles (oh my!).

1935: Wearing a long-sleeved sheath gown with a buttoned-up, collared lace overlay, the bride looks positively regal in '35.

1945: In the age of Casablanca, she goes for Old Hollywood glam, with a definite Ingrid Bergman influence and a darker pout.

Credit: Courtesy of Mode Studios

1955: How fun and playful is this A-line, tea-length '50s dress? Topped with an elbow veil, the bride even bursts into a smile while wearing it.

1965: Here come the bangs! The Age of Aquarius starts with a sleeveless gown, a cinched waist, and smoky eyes reminiscent of mod supermodels of the 1960s. Oh, and who could ignore that bow?

1975: Bridal fashion relaxes a bit in the next decade, and we see our barefoot bride go boho with a flowy dress, delicate floral crown atop natural hair, a clutch of wildflowers, and yes, the peace sign.

Credit: Courtesy of Mode Studios

1985: Bam! The '80s come into the frame loud and proud with big hair and heavy makeup to go with those poufy sleeves and tiered skirt. And though it's a funny touch, the bubble gum may have been a bit much.

1995: Can you say "Julia Roberts"? Thanks to '90s wedding flicks like My Best Friend's Wedding and Runaway Bride, America's sweetheart is what comes to mind when we see this simple off-the-shoulder design.

2005: In 2005, it's all about that sweetheart neckline, sleek skirt, and birdcage veil.

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Credit: Courtesy of Mode Studios

2015: And finally, today's bride is pretty in a cap-sleeve, belted sheath. And then she really stuns when paired with her partner, who just so happens to be a woman. After all, it is 2015, and "love is always in fashion"!

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