Mini bottles of pinot grigio just won't cut it for the underage crowd.
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Wedding favors are a nice way to thank guests for celebrating your wedding, but it's crucial that you send everyone home with the right item-if you give guests something that's either too personalized or not edible, there's a good chance these "treasures" will be left behind at the reception. Once you've picked out the perfect gift for your guests, you're not quite finished. If you're inviting children to your wedding, do you need to get them their own favors, too? After all, those jars of local honey or your favorite bottle of wine aren't appropriate for kids. Here, some answers to this perplexing question.

Do we even have to give the little ones a favor?

No. You don't owe any guest a favor-not adults, not kids-and that's why many couples skip this tradition and put the funds toward something else, like a photo booth or late-night snacks. But even if you're giving favors to the adults (depending on what it is, either one per person or one per couple), you don't have to plan on giving one to the kiddos, too. If you have a kids' table at the wedding, be sure to stock it with child-safe toys and activities-those are favors in and of themselves.

But what if it's a giant cookie with our names and wedding date on it?

Then by all means, hand over a sweet treat to each child in attendance. Just be sure to put a disclaimer on the wrapper to warn parents that you're not responsible for any child's sugar rush, especially if they tear into the cookie on their way home from the reception!

If we do decide on separate favors, can you give some kid-friendly ideas?

Think fun, safe, and affordable-glow sticks that can be made into bracelets and necklaces, activity books with crayons and stickers (a kid can never have too many stickers), colorful cotton candy in a clear bag, miniature tic-tac-toe or checker sets, and animal-shaped bath bombs are all fun ideas.


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