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So you're getting married later in life, and already have a home filled with goods. Or maybe, you and your partner are minimalists, or your newlywed abode will be tight on space. Either way, you've hit a roadblock while registering-you just don't need the typical stock. What's a couple to do when they're stuck on what to ask for? Meet the newest in nuptial gifting: a wine and spirits wedding registry. ThirstyNest was made for the modern pair, and we've got the scoop from its founder and CEO. Jacqueline Strum, a certified booze expert, walks us through the innovative option.

Here, a guide to wine-and-spirits registering, straight from the industry expert herself.

What is ThirstyNest?

ThirstyNest is an online platform for registering for wines and spirits. The simple process is remarkably accessible for experts and novices alike. Build a gift collection on your own, or rely on the website's useful tools. "One of our cornerstone features are our 1-Click-Registries that take all of the guesswork out of building your selection," shares Strum. With just one mouse tap, an expertly-curated bundle saves you time and energy for other aspects of your wedding planning. And aside from offering wines and spirits, the registry options include bar furniture and drinkware. If it's booze-related, it's available to register for-talk about ease of use.

How did it start?

"People are getting married significantly later than ever before and staying in cities (i.e. small spaces) even longer," says Strum. Couple that with the fact that the millennial market is leading wine consumption, and it's hard not to see why ThirstyNest was born. When Strum got engaged, she noticed the trends firsthand. "At the time we were 29 so we were already 'grown-ups' and had purchased a majority of the things needed to run a proper home," she remembers. "Additionally, we were living in a shoebox and had zero storage for classic gifts." With over a decade of experience in the wine and spirits industry and a need for something new in the registry world, "the lightbulb went off" and she started her business.

Who can use it?

Some couples may need a thing or two, but not enough for an entire list. "ThirstyNest is the perfect pairing to a more classic registry for those folks," says Strum. It's also great for older couples or pairs who share "a serious interest in food and wine."

What about your guests?

Traditionalists might gawk at the idea of only supplying a couple with booze. It's important to remind these guests what registering's really about. "What's so wonderful about gifting wine and spirits is you're essentially giving someone an experience for the future," shares Strum. "A home bar doesn't just upgrade your ability to entertain-although it does do that very well-it helps a couple create new memories together alongside the people they love most."

What should you register for?

For vino, Strum recommends opting for a mix. "There's something so special about saving bottles to open together for a special occasion," she says, so choose some "age-worthy wines." For your first anniversary, try a bottle that rivals fine china. For your tenth, consider an upscale Cabernet Sauvignon. Alongside the special-occasion sips should be a variety of everyday options. "I like to have my favorite workhorse wines around that pair with all different kinds of dishes and occasions," Strum says. For example, a dry rosé works for the beach or for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, an Oregon Pinot Noir goes with lean meat as well as it goes with hearty veggies.

For spirits, plan on stocking your bar. "My recommendation would be a good mix of cocktail essentials and some dram-worthy brown spirits," says Strum. "On the cocktail end-a great vodka, gin, whiskey, and tequila along with your stirring mixers such as vermouth and Campari are a good place to start to build your mixing bar. In the sipping neat section, I like to have one fantastic bourbon and one classic smoky Scotch."

Additionally, make sure to register for barware. Notably, Strum's line of Fusion wine glasses are covered under a ten-year warranty: "That means you can feel comfortable using them on a weeknight or with company," Strum shares. She also loves "a gorgeous personalized wine opener and decanter along with a good set of cocktail tools and glasses." To hold your wines, consider a fridge or rack, and bar carts make fabulous small-space options for spirits.


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