You have to see the $240 necklace.
Credit: Courtesy of Maya Brenner

Things are not slowing down for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who continue to make their relationship publicly official. Just a month ago, rumors spread that the Suits actress and prince had been dating for a couple months. Then, Harry decided to make it Kensington Palace-official by releasing a statement about his girlfriend. Now, the couple is not afraid to show it, whether it's through visits or jewelry.

On Monday, Markle was seen walking around Toronto with a bouquet of flowers and a huge smile on her face. The necklace she wore featured the initials "M" and "H", leading many to believe it's meant for "Meghan" and "Harry." The necklace, which is a Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Letter necklace, is $240 plus $60 for an additional letter.

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After a two-week visit to the Caribbean (and receiving a premature honeymoon invite), Harry flew right to Toronto to visit Markle. "Harry has been traveling and wanted to make time to see Meghan," an insider told E! News. "They wanted their time together to be private."

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