The couple, who met in their senior home, tied the knot at a courthouse in June.

By Sarah Schreiber
August 29, 2019

John Cook Sr. and Phyllis Cook are proof that love and marriage simply do not have an age limit. The recently-married couple—he's 100 and she's 103—first connected at the Kingston Residence of Sylvania, the senior home where they both live. The admissions director at the residence, Emily Roach, told Good Morning America that John and Phyllis "just fell in love with each other" and that "they are compatible and enjoy one another's company."

Their relationship began when Phyllis arrived at Kingston in February 2018 (John had been living on the property since January 2017). They quickly bonded over their shared love for bingo, and began having sweet conversations in the courtyard—a romance quickly blossomed. Another thing that drew John to his new bride? "Phyllis is from the south, originally, and has a cute little accent," explains Roach.

Nearly a year after they first met, John, a World War II veteran, and Phyllis married at a nearby courthouse back in June. To celebrate their nuptials, the Cooks held a sweet wedding reception at their assisted living facility a few months later, on August 26.

During the celebration, the couple's family (both John and Phyllis have children from previous marriages) and friends gathered with the Kingston's staff to toast the newlyweds. Complete with a champagne toast, a cake-cutting ceremony, and an adorable first dance, Roach says that the Cooks' celebration was a resounding success—and that they newlyweds cherished being able to celebrate their union surrounded by so much love.


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