Prevent these mishaps and your role will be easy-breezy.

Hey, being a bridesmaid can be a demanding job! And if you're in the thick of helping your bestie plan her wedding, you've probably got a lot on your plate.

Whether you're a first time 'maid or a seasoned MOH, there are a couple of easy-to-make mistakes that will only add to your stress. So, we've outlined five oops-worthy offenders to steer clear of when you're getting ready to stand next to your BFF on her big day.

9 Bridesmaid Dos and Don'ts

Mistake 1: Wearing a brand new pair of pumps on the big day.

This is not the time to break in brand-spanking-new four-inch stilettos. If you're planning to wear heels, take them for a couple of spins before the "I dos"-wear them out to dinner or give them a test run at the bachelorette bash. And don't forget to bring comfy back-up flats for the reception!

Mistake 2: Turning your role into an unpaid, full-time job.

Lending a helping hand is a must, but you don't have to take on each and every task on the bride's to-do list. Offer support in an area that you're good at, like speech writing or flower arranging. You can also help delegate tasks among the 'maids, so that every little item on the bride's list gets taken care of.

Mistake 3: Wearing out your welcome at the open bar.

We love a glass of bubbly as much as the next girl, but don't go overboard on the big day. Even after the bridal party portraits are taken and you've made your speech, it's important to stay present and alert during the reception in case the bride needs your help with something or there's a last-minute emergency.

Mistake 4: Failing to plan ahead for sudden setbacks.

Fingers crossed, you won't have to deal with too many wedding hiccups, but stuff happens. Prepare yourself by making a mini emergency kit with safety pins, Q-tips, stain remover, and any other tiny items that you think you might need in a pinch. Trust us, you'll be glad you did.

Mistake 5: Forgetting to prioritize the wedding.

Whether you're in one bridal party or a bunch, make sure to touch base with the bride about any task or event where your attendance or help is expected. If you have personal or work obligations that will bar you from attending a celebration or helping with a project, make sure to communicate that to the bride quickly, clearly, and respectfully. It'll help everyone avoid drama!


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