The star says she knew the question was coming.
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Anna Faris may be completely impressed with her husband Chris Pratt's acting abilities, but it sounds like the Guardians of the Galaxy star isn't quite as skilled at keeping secrets. It turns out the actress and mom to the couple's son, Jack, knew months ahead of time that Pratt was going to pop the question-and totally managed to keep her cool!

"We had talked about getting married and we were living together," Faris explained on the latest episode of her podcast, Unqualified, according to ET. "One day I found a bag from a jeweler on the floor of his truck, so I knew something was coming. But it took months." How the actress managed to keep the surprise to herself, we'll never know. Because Pratt didn't end up proposing for seven whole months!

"My whole family took all of us to Italy and apparently he lugged [the ring] all around Italy and held on to it for a couple months," she said. "I think I knew for like, seven months, and so he finally asked me on my birthday." Let's just take a minute to image how stressed Pratt must have been trying to keep that ring safe (and hidden!).

In any case, Faris admits her reaction may have let on that she'd seen the proposal coming. "I confessed because he was like, 'You knew this was coming,'" she shared on the podcast. Oops! Fortunately, she said "yes," and the couple has been setting all of our relationship goals ever since.


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