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Depending on where you're getting married, you probably have a few different options for where you'll spend the wedding morning getting ready: your home, a hotel room, a bridal lounge at the venue, or the suite where you'll spend your wedding night are some of the most popular options, but some are better choices than others. The wedding suite, for example, comes with its fair share of pros and cons. While getting ready at the same property where you'll spend the night generally offers you (and your wedding party) space and amenities you normally wouldn't have access to at home, there are some downsides to consider (like the fact that you may return to a messy room after the reception). If you aren't sure whether or not you should use your wedding suite for hair and makeup sessions, consider these pros and cons, as told to us by three expert planners.

Pro: You'll likely have a larger amount of space.

"The majority of our brides do get ready in the wedding suite, and it tends to be a seamless experience," says Laurie Arons, owner of Laurie Arons Special Events. However, Arons suggests that you will want to make sure that the suite is large enough to accommodate all the women in your party. More than one bathroom is usually essential, she adds.

Con: You might return to a messy room at the end of the night.

When multiple women are getting ready in one room, a space gets messy fast. On the upside, Arons adds that the hotel or venue's staff may be able to take care of all the set up and clean up. However, she advises assigning one of your bridesmaids (or your wedding planner) the responsibility of calling housekeeping as you head out of the door for your wedding-otherwise, you may return to a mess at the end of the night.

Pro: It will likely save you lots of time.

"When time is an issue, getting ready in a wedding suite onsite of the wedding location can work to your advantage in getting the most out of a photo schedule," suggests Meghan Detweiler, associate planner, Anna Lucia Events. You also won't have to factor in timing for transportation, she says, so you'll be able to walk out of the suite and right into photos.

Con: You'll need to pack any items you'll need throughout the day.

"You have to pack and remember to bring everything since you can't zip into the bathroom to get more items," says wedding planner Shannon Leahy. She says the same rule applies to food, as all items must be brought or ordered in, she adds.

Pro: You may get better photos.

"If you pick a hotel suite with a lot of natural light, there is typically a cleaner backdrop for portraits (and getting ready shots) than at home," Leahy suggests. Ask the property about light-filled spaces, and inquire about touring available rooms ahead of the big day. To best judge the merits of one space over another, try to see multiple rooms at the same time (and ideally around the time you would be posing for photos).

Con: The room may feel less special to you later on.

After spending the morning getting ready in your wedding suite, it may feel less exciting to return to at the end of the night with your new husband. If you want a space that's designated just for you two, it's worth planning for hair and makeup to take place somewhere else.


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