Don't let the sun, wind, and bugs ruin your special day.
Elegant outdoor wedding ceremony with paper fans
Credit: Anna Roussos

Saying "I do" in the summertime is the ultimate dream for many brides, but it could also turn out to be a nightmare. With problems specific to the season (or warm weather in general) that can throw a wrench in even the most carefully planned wedding, it's important to think ahead when it comes to summer nuptials. Check out five of the most common seasonal wedding problems and their solutions.

Your makeup is having a meltdown.

When the makeup artist finished doing your face and you saw yourself in the mirror, you were thrilled. Then you and the girls took some outdoor photos, and your foundation and mascara started dripping off your face. Quick fixes will help, but the best solution actually happens before the problem arises. Ask your makeup artist to use powder-based makeup rather than liquid since those formulations will stay on longer.

Your vows on the beach are getting drowned out by the wind.

You spent lots of time writing heartfelt vows but high winds are making it impossible for anyone to hear them. Instead of struggling to scream above the breeze, make sure you have a mic and speakers (likely battery-operated) that are powerful enough to make your vows audible. Your DJ should be able to help you arrange this.

The indoor ceremony site has no air-conditioning.

Now your guests are ready to pass out from the stifling heat. Plan to keep the ceremony short so nobody has to linger in the hot temps too long. And ask about renting giant fans, too. If cooling the space isn't an option, paper fans (that can double as programs) could help.

Flies and mosquitoes are attacking people.

Flying insects love the outdoors, too. Everyone's getting bitten. Instead of asking your loved ones to swat away the pests, keep plenty of bug spray on hand for guests to spritz. Also set up huge fans, which will literally blow away the pesky insects.

The midday sun is frying guests at the reception.

A 3 p.m. outdoor celebration sounds idyllic but if that's when the sun is hottest in your area, your friends and families will feel like bacon sizzling in a frying pan. Your best bet is to avoid midday celebrations. Schedule your vows for when the rays have calmed down and it's more bearable to be outside. If the timing is unavoidable, keep guests well hydrated with plenty of cold, nonalcoholic drinks. Also offer relief in the form of fans, floppy hats, and big umbrellas over reception tables.


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