You will need:

Scissors or craft knife, metal ruler or straightedge, and cutting mat

16-by-6-inch piece of oaktag

Pen or pencil

File folder, or a large piece of copy paper

White glue

Glue brush

Glitter (Eunice used glass glitter; or try the Martha Stewart Crafts line of glitters, available at Michaels stores)


2 sheets of crepe paper in gold and fuchsia, at least 6 by 10 inches

Hot-glue gun

1 1/4 yards of 3/8-inch ribbon

Make the crown.

Download the PDF of the template, and print both pages onto standard copier paper. Cut out the two templates, and overlap the shaded area; tape to secure. Trace the crown onto a piece of oaktag at least 16 inches long by 6 inches wide. Cut out the crown using scissors or a craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat.

Glitter the crown.

1. Open the file folder and lay it on your work surface (or, fold a piece of paper in half, open it back up, and lay it on your work surface). You will use this to protect your work surface from glue and to collect excess glitter.

2. Lay one end of the crown on the paper. Brush a generous layer of white glue over a 3-inch-long section of the crown, and cover the entire area with glitter. Lift the crown and shake excess glitter back onto the file folder; flick your finger against the back of the crown to shake off any stubborn glitter. Fold the paper in half so the excess glitter collects in the crease, and pour the glitter back into the pot.

3. Continue glittering the crown in 3-inch-long sections. For each new section, paint the glue so it overlaps the previously glittered section by about 1/4 inch to ensure thorough coverage. Let dry completely.

4. Match the ends of the crown together, and staple into place.

Make the rosettes.

1. For each rosette, cut a 1-by-1-inch piece of crepe paper to serve as a backing. Cut a 1-by-10-inch strip of gold crepe paper, across the grain, and accordion-fold it every 1/4 inch. When the entire strip is folded, pinch one end, bringing top and bottom corners together and forming a rounded end; glue to secure. Repeat on the other end to make a rosette.

2. Holding the center of the rosette in place, squeeze a drop of hot glue onto the backing square. Press the center of the rosette onto the glue, and hold in place until it dries.

3. Make a smaller rosette out of fuchsia crepe paper: Cut a 1/4-by-3-inch strip of fuchsia crepe paper, accordion-fold it every 1/8 inch, then pinch and glue ends to form a rosette as before. Hot-glue it to the center of the gold rosette.

4. Repeat until you have 5 rosettes. Center each one below a point in the crown, and hot-glue the backing to the crown.

5. To make ties, cut the ribbon in half, and hot-glue to the inside of the crown on either side.

Photograph by Emily Nathan


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