Ring Bearer Pillow Ideas You Can Make on Your Own

Raymond Hom

Your attendant can hold your wedding bands in style with these DIY options that are easy to assemble.

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Sheer Delight Ring Pillow


Match the monumental moment you exchange your bands with a just-as-special pillow, made from two playfully printed fabrics.

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Fabric Flower Ring Pillow

Raymond Hom

With our striking trompe l'oeil floral print as clip art, this fabric flower looks just like the real thing.

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Woven Ribbon Ring Pillow


Modeled after woven-leather designer handbags, this velvet pillow offers plush support for your wedding rings.

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"XO" Ring Pillow

Trevor Dixon

Express your joy through the art of ribbon embroidery right on your ring cushion.

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No-Sew Bow Tie Ring Pillow

YunHee Kim

An oversize bow-tie pillow sets the scene for a swanky affair. And the best part? You don't have to be a master seamstress to construct it.

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Sunprint Ring Pillow

Alison Gootee

We used the Lumi Print Fabric With Light Kit to sun-print plain cotton and fashioned it into a romantic ring pillow, edged with matching cord.

M&J Trimming

3mm cord in pink.

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No-Sew Ring Pillow

Raymond Hom

This is a sweet dream of an idea, if we do say so ourselves. We made these easy ring pillows from one of our favorite party go-tos: Sferra linen cocktail napkins. The wide hem is just the right size for a line of Dritz's Stitch Witchery adhesive tape, which bonds fabric together when you iron it.

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Ring Bearer Book

Johnny Miller

Our ring book is easier for little hands to clasp than a slippery pillow, and your tiny attendant will love that it contains a secret compartment filled with treasures only he is entrusted to deliver. To personalize your book, use a desktop-publishing program to create an iron-on monogram.

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Ribbon Ring Pillow


This 6-inch square linen ring cushion is adorably decorated with a yellow ribbon of doubled-faced satin that swerves and curves down its center.

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Button Ring Pillow


Mismatched pearl buttons, vintage and new, lend this ring pillow a homespun note. Simple to make from two pieces of felt and a bit of polyfill stuffing, its edges cut with scallop shears, it even incorporates a hint of "something blue" with the pale blue thread.

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Easy-to-Hold Ring Pillow

Annie Schlechter

A ring bearer will keep a firm grip on his task with a stretchy ribbon band. We used wide and thin elasticized velvet ribbons.

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Linen Ring Pillow

Emily Nathan

Tricia Roush of House of Nines Design created this linen ring pillow with pintucks and pleated ribbon.

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Pincushion Ring Pillow

Annie Schlechter

Your sewing box may already hold your ring pillow. A pincushion makes a charming one that's just the right size for little hands. All you need is a long decorative head pin, ribbon, and your rings. Thread the ribbon through the rings, and tack the ends to the cushion with the pin.

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Ribbon Ring Pillow

James Baigrie

A handmade ring pillow will look lovely from all angles when its sides are crafted from pretty ribbon. To give the cushion a tufted effect and to provide a spot for the rings to nestle, add a button by stitching all the way through. Attach the rings by tying them to the button with a thin ribbon.

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Moss Ring Pillow

Johnny Miller

A mossy ring pillow would look fetching at an outdoor affair. To make: Glue green ribbon around an ice cream pint top. Glue green felt to the bottom. Arrange spike moss on top. Anchor ribbon to the moss with floral wire. Slip rings through the ribbon and tie a bow.

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Velvet Leaf Ring Pillow


Embossed velvet leaves, made with a rubber stamp and an iron, dress up a silk ring pillow.

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Layered Organza Ring Pillow


To make this ring pillow, cut ten 5-inch squares of sheer pink and orange organza. Stack, then stitch a 4-inch square in the center, leaving a 1-inch opening. Stuff batting into the pillow. Finish stitching to close the square. Trim organza edges with scalloping shears.

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Floral Ring Pillow

Annie Schlechter

Create a soft, plump pillow using flowers instead of fabric. Cut a block of floral foam to size and poke 'Kermit' chrysanthemum stems into top and sides. Push a U-shaped piece of green floral wire through foam; bend tips flush against bottom of block. Cover bottom by pinning paper over. Tie rings to wire with ribbon.

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Striped Denim Ring Pillow

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Stitch this striped ring pillow from swaths of folded denim in shades of blue; each layer becomes a shallow pocket that your wedding bands can be tucked into.

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Vintage Linen Ring Pillow

James Baigrie

It's only fitting to present the symbols of a new union on a beautiful "something old": a pillow embellished with an heirloom handkerchief or another vintage linen. A few stitches keep everything in place and can be snipped later. If you don't have a vintage piece, you can find one at a flea market.

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Silk Flower Ring Pillow

Johansen Krause

Silk flowers add elegance to a ring pillow. A crisp fabric holds its shape well; we used silk dupioni, shantung, and taffeta.

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Clover Ring Pillow


It takes luck, love, and careful planning to pull off a glitch-free wedding. To improve your luck, why not try a four-leaf-clover ring pillow?

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Knitted Ring Pillow


Impart warm and fuzzy sentiments to your wedding rings by resting them on a sweater-like cushion.

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Eyelet Ring Pillow

Johansen Krause

A ring bearer will be all the more adorable carrying a pillow accented with eyelet and slim ribbon. These designs sew up in minutes.

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Shell Ring Pillow


Even if you're not tying the knot with your toes in the sand, this is one chic way to bring a bit of the seaside to your soirée. Start with a shell you already have (high-five if you picked it up on your first vacation together as a couple). Not a beachcomber? Just buy one online (we like Shell Horizons). Then gild the inside with Testors enamel paint in gold and attach a piece of ribbon with a hot-glue gun.

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Trompe l'Oeil Ring Pillow


Don't let your eyes deceive you—this is actually a 2-D image printed onto card stock and adorned with a ribbon for securing the bands.

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Sequined Ring Pillow

Raymond Hom

Give a basic white cushion a brilliant, sequined edge. The reflective surface will make your rings beam even brighter. And thanks to the gleaming piping, it's hard to miss (something a nervous ring bearer will appreciate). Just simply secure sequins to the edge of a store-bought ring pillow with glue.

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Pocket Watch Ring Boxes

Bryan Gardner

Turn a vintage pillbox into a sure-to-be-treasured keepsake. Line the inside with velvet by gluing a piece to the top, and then folding some around a cardboard circle and taping it to the bottom. As an added measure, have a jeweler attach a chain you can clip onto an attendant's belt loop.

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