Sparkles, sequins, and so much more.
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With tons of sequins, fireworks, and the ultimate party atmosphere, New Year's Eve weddings offer a high-energy celebration that everyone loves. Between all the party props, sequined décor, and Champagne, it's a challenge to figure out what you really need to make your reception memorable. Rather than fussing over every little detail, we're breaking down the top nine things you absolutely must have to pull off a fabulous New Year's Eve wedding.

Fun Entertainment

A really good DJ or band should be your top priority for a New Year's Eve wedding. This is the biggest party night of the year, and throwing a fun, memorable celebration means having amazing music playing all night.


And lots of them! There's nothing that sets a dramatic, celebratory mood like a low-lit room with tons of the golden candlelight.

Something to Make a Wish Upon

Midnight wishes are everyone's favorite part of a New Year's Eve celebration, so you might as well take this idea and play on it. You could create a wall of wishes, lined with envelopes guests can fill with their wishes for you as a couple. You could also bring in wish lanterns, assuming your venue allows them. Another fun idea would be to have your wedding designer create a whole wall of candles that guests can light as they make a wish.

A Champagne Toast

You can't let midnight hit without passing a glass of bubbly to all your guests. Make sure the catering team is in on this plan so there's no one left empty handed. Better yet, add a Champagne tower to the mix, or saber a bottle at midnight.

Some Classic Accessories

New Year's Eve weddings have to include just the right amount of kitschy party favors to keep guests snapping photos. Party hats, sunglasses, noisemakers, and poppers are all part of the fun. Hand out the goodies or set up a few displays near the bar.


If you're able to view the local fireworks from your venue, that's the best-case scenario. If you can put on your own fireworks show, even better. Should fireworks not be an option, sparklers and Roman candles will work.

A Full Bar

Give everyone options. Beer and wine are great for a low-key wedding, but a New Year's Eve wedding calls for cocktails, Champagne, and all the fixings.

A Midnight Countdown

Start the countdown at one minute, then make sure it ends with a bang. This could come in the form of a balloon drop, confetti canon, or a big band that enters the room as a surprise.

Plenty of Food

When all your guests are partying past midnight, it's more important than ever that you provide a ton of food for everyone to enjoy. You can keep it casual with food trucks showing up late in the night, or keep the party elevated and opt for tray-passed truffle fries, mini pressed sandwiches, or empanadas. The important thing is to make sure there are options all night long.


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