He promises he isn't the "perfect" husband—despite that trip to Italy!
Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Met Gala 2017
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Alexis Ohanian may seem like the superhero of husbands. He's gone so far as to commission a billboard praising his wife, Serena Williams, after all! But despite his grand gestures, the businessman actually has a down-to-earth perspective on marriage. He just spoke with Access about that rumored spontaneous trip to Italy and explained what really went down. He also shared his best-and surprisingly simple to follow-relationship advice.

"You're running all these different companies, flying all over the world, and you still have time to fly your lady to Venice when she wants Italian food?" Access began the interview. "Were you just doing it for the 'gram, or did you really fly her to Italy for dinner?" As it turns out, the social media post making it seem like the trip was on a whim was slightly misleading.

"We had planned this vacation for a little longer than I think the Instagram implied, so it wasn't that spontaneous," Ohanian admitted. He went on to explain that adventures abroad are far from the only way to impress your partner.

"I know there are a lot of husbands and boyfriends out there angry at me, but I mean, my wife deserves the best," he joked, before claiming he's "far from the perfect husband." "You've just got to look for your opportunities and make the most of them," he explained. "It doesn't take flying your family to Italy. I mean, I think if you'd ask my wife, the most romantic things I've ever done for her have been just being there when she needed me." According to him, "That's really all y'all have to do."


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