Sunset Wedding Photos That Will Convince You to Take Portraits During Golden Hour

yolana douglas wedding couple in field in front of mountains
Photo: Tasha Seccombe Photography

Make time to pose for photos with your new husband or wife during the prettiest time of day.

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sunset wedding photos brides embracing and laughing on beach
Tahnee Jade Photography

There's something so beautiful about a sunset. Whether you're watching it on a snowy winter's day or on the warm sand at the beach, the image of the sky at dusk is hard to beat. So, when you're searching for the perfect backdrop for your wedding photo session, we think it's best to look to nature and capture a few moments between you and your new husband or wife in front of a sunset.

While the sun going down may symbolize the end of your big day, it's also the ideal time to take photos. Why? Since there's just enough sunlight left, your photographer won't have to turn on the flash to get the perfect picture. This is part of the reason why this time of day yields beautiful photographs (this period is called golden hour, after all!)—the day's last rays of sunshine casts a warm golden glow, which translates beautifully on camera. Plus, it's incredibly flattering. With hues like orange and pink contrasting against the blue sky, it's easy to see why many couples (including these brides) opt for an evening shoot.

Another benefit of taking pictures at dusk? The sky's colors are gorgeous during this time of year all year round, meaning you can document the sunset on your big day no matter the season. Let the setting sun light up the snow-covered landscape at your winter event or venture onto the sand at dusk after your warm-weather, oceanside reception. Throwing a destination event? Capture your faraway locale as the sun goes down. Whenever (or wherever) you're having your wedding, know that a sunset wedding portrait is a must-have addition to your photo shot list.

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sunset wedding photos bride and groom kissing on rooftop
Anna Delores Photography

To get an ideal view of the sun setting over your city wedding (the tall buildings may make it hard to see from the ground up), take to your venue's roof—if it's allowed, that is. The top of the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles ensured this couple had the prettiest backdrop for their photo come dusk.

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yolana douglas wedding couple in field in front of mountains
Tasha Seccombe Photography

The colorful sunset in the background of this couple's photo makes it look like a painting.

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Mountain Vista

sunset wedding photos groom kissing bride on cliff with mountainous background
Jeremy Chou

If your setting is as picturesque as this rocky mountain landscape, a sunset doesn't have to act as your backdrop. Instead, let it serve as your photographers' light source. This couple's portraits were cast with a unique orange glow thanks to the setting sun.

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Beach Sunset

sunset wedding photos grooms embracing on beach
Anna Kim Photography

We'd argue there's no better place to watch the sunset than the beach, so make a point of snapping a few photos with your new husband or wife during your evening oceanside reception (like this couple did at their Maui wedding).

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Iced Over

Bride and Groom Posing with Ice Castle
Laurie K. Jenson

With winter comes earlier sunsets, so make sure you capture golden hour before its gone during your cold-weather event.

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Brooklyn Bridge

grooms wearing black wedding suits with one wearing floral print tie
Justine Milton Photography

Urban dwellers, visit your city's most iconic landmarks during sunset for softly-lit wedding portraits that show off your town's best features. At their New York City wedding, this couple took a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge for their photos.

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Sandy Stroll

sunset wedding photos bride and groom kissing on beach
Britt Rene Photo

Searching for the perfect private moment during your beach wedding? Make like these newlyweds and take a sunset walk on the sand—ask your photographer to (discreetly) capture pictures along the way.

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Destination at Dusk

sunset wedding photos bride and groom holding hands on rooftop in greece
Days Made of Love

Chances are, your destination locale's vista is already picture-perfect—but a setting sun will make it all the more beautiful. That's why this duo seized their opportunity to pose in front of a gorgeous sunset on a rooftop in Santorini, Greece.

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sunset wedding photos groom carrying bride in desert
Marisa Belle Photography

At your warm-weather desert wedding, you may want to wait until the temperature drops to take your couple photos. Not only will your makeup remain flawless (a cooler climate means no sweat), but you'll also have the sunset in the background, like these newlyweds did during their wedding portrait session at El Chorro.

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sunset wedding photos bride and groom walking in front of estate venue
Julie Michaelsen

This duo's dusk portrait session at the Hesdor House is proof that a sunset will only add to the grandeur of your estate venue (and your wedding photos!).

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sunset wedding photos bride and groom sitting with champagne in paris
Molly Carr

We're not sure there's anything more romantic than Paris at sunset, so make like this couple and celebrate your newly-married status with a bottle of Champagne while taking in the City of Light at sundown.

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sunset wedding photos bride and groom embracing on oceanic rock
Parker Young

Need more proof that the beach is an ideal spot for sunset portraits? Just look to this duo's pictures taken on Magnific Rock in Nicaragua.

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Private Drive

sunset wedding photos bride and groom in getaway car overlooking los angeles
Rebecca Yale Photography

After your wedding exit, hop in your getaway car and take a private drive together to find the perfect place for your dusk photo shoot (with your photographer in tow, of course!). These newlyweds found an intimate pullout on the historic Mullholland Drive to watch the sun set.

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sunset wedding photos bride and groom holding hands on cliff at yosemite national park
Kristen Booth

If you and your future husband or wife are adventurous, you'll likely go to great lengths to get the perfect picture come twilight. You might just end up with a photo like this one—the couple took a post-reception hike in Yosemite National Park to make this shot happen.

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sunset wedding photos bride and groom embracing on oceanic cliff
Erich McVey

Here's proof that a cloudy wedding day won't put a damper on a sunset photo op. In fact, it will bring a subtle glow to your shoot, as evidenced by this image.

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sunset wedding photos grooms holding hands on oceanic rock
Wendy Laurel Photography

Let the sun be the star (sky pun intended!) of your wedding portraits. We love how this couple perfectly framed the glowing sun behind them.

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bride and groom standing on the pier at sunset
Jamie Mercurio

Make like this couple and take advantage of your lakeside venue's placid water by posing with your new husband or wife at dusk. A mirror-like surface will reflect the sunset, giving your photo even more color.

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sunset wedding photos bride and groom kissing amongst candles in desert
Tyler Rye

As the sun continues to set, you might need something extra to light your photos. That's why Forevermore Events scattered candles around this duo during their twilight session, which also enhanced the romantic vibe.

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sunset wedding photos bride and groom embracing at laguna beach
My Sun and Stars Co.

Throwing a beach wedding? Know that it boasts many options for a photo op, especially at sunset. These newlyweds took to the rocky jetty for their oceanside pictures after their vows at Hotel Joaquin in Laguna Beach.

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