If you want a bold wedding-day look, this could be it.

By Nicole Moleti
January 10, 2019
Credit: Jose Villa

Rocking a smoky eye for your wedding day is a bold move-in fact, if you suggest it to your big-day makeup artist, they very well may advise against it-but if it's something you love and wear in your everyday life, then push for it. Regardless of how bold a smoky eye can look, there's always a way to make this eye-catching beauty trend feel bridal. Here, three tips that will help you do just that.

Add Sparkle

If you're the type of woman who regularly wears a smoky eye, you'll want your bridal look to feel different than what you'd do on a typical Saturday night. One small change you can make is to ask your makeup artist for options in the glitter or sparkle department. A touch of a glitter liner on the upper lash line or a hint of sparkle in the center of the lid can make your usual style feel a bit more glamorous. Try a few different options on your own first-NARS Hardwired Eyeshadows, a collection of metallic hues, is a great product line if you want your traditional smoky look to feel a bit more special.

Pick a Special Smoke

All smoke is not created equal. Gray and black products create a smoldering look, but this can be harsh for a bride (and in your wedding photos!). Instead, ask your pro to use deep browns or plums to create a softer take on the classic sultry style. Another unique option? Deep green eyeshadow, which can be used to create that signature dark crease or a smoky lash line, in a different way. Any of these colors will create the sexy look you're going for in a more subtle, wedding-appropriate way.

Lashes Are Everything

The best way to make your smoky eye feel bridal is by pairing it with perfect lashes. While a great mascara can do the trick, there's nothing quite like fake eyelashes to really add drama, Plump up your lash line with individual eyelashes if you want the look to be a bit more subtle or go for a full set for major impact glamour.


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