The two women were alike in so many ways, notes the late royal's aide.
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry proved that they put their marriage first after stepping down from royal life and settling down in Los Angeles. And according to new reports, their strong bond—and the duo's desire to write their own rules—likely has a lot to do with the late Princess Diana. Paul Burrell, the princess' former butler, said in an interview that Prince Harry saw a lot of his mother in Meghan, something that initially drew him to her, alleges Perth Now. "Harry went for and married Meghan because she's like Diana," he said. "Both women who would always stand up for what they believe in and wouldn't be pushovers."

Paul served Princess Diana for 10 years—up until her passing—and knew her well. Enough, he says, to understand the true differences between both women's approaches to royal life. "I think the main difference between them is that Meghan has a game plan, whereas Diana was young," he noted. Though he believes they would have had "different views on things," the "strong, independent women" both hold unshakeable places in Prince Harry's heart.

While Prince Harry previously noted that he wishes Princess Diana could have met Meghan, he knew right away that they would have been close. "Oh, they'd be thick as thieves, without question. I think she would be over the moon, jumping up and down, you know so excited for me," he said in their post-engagement interview with BBC. "But then, as I said, [they] would have probably been best friends."

Meghan has already hit the ground running since she and Prince Harry relocated to California, nailing down her first role post-royal life with Disney this spring, People reported. She voiced a character in the Disney+ documentary, Elephants, which debuted on April 3. The gig might have marked her return to Hollywood, but it also hit close to home for the couple, as they both share a passion for wildlife—most recently working with Elephants Without Borders in Botswana back in 2017.


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