At least not until after she said her vows.

By Emily Platt
May 25, 2018
Prince Harry Meghan Markle 2018 royal wedding ceremony

Meghan Markle-now officially Duchess Meghan-stole more hearts than just Prince Harry's on her wedding day. It wasn't just the bride's timeless Givenchy wedding dress that caught everyone's attention. Her calm, poised demeanor surprised everyone, too. As it turns out though, Markle wasn't as relaxed as everyone thought. That is, at least not until after a certain moment in the ceremony.

According to an Us Weekly insider, Markle was "super stressed" for the entire week before her big day. That's quite understandable, since she was preparing for a celebration that would be viewed and analyzed by millions of people around the world. The fact that her father couldn't attend due to poor health certainly made matters worse. That stress continued straight through to the day of. "She was a nervous wreck the morning of the wedding," the source explained.

In fact, it wasn't until a major part of the wedding ceremony that her jitters went away. "Once she got through the vow part, she calmed down," the insider revealed. "She was happy during the reception and was able to relax."

Markle wasn't the only one who was nervous before the wedding day. Her cake baker, Claire Ptak, told Vanity Fair that a certain detail kept her up at night. "I knew the fresh buttercream was going to be hard to keep looking stable in a warm room with 600 people. It's so soft and so fresh that it was the most stressful part of [making] the cake. I had nightmares about it sliding off the table," she admitted.


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