19 Romantic Ideas for Your Garden Bridal Shower

bridal shower picnic
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Whether you're a maid of honor planning your best friend's bridal shower or the mother of the bride looking for inspiration for your daughter's pre-wedding event, you're likely searching for the perfect theme for the special celebration. Though preparations for this type of party should revolve around the bride—you'll want to consider her personal style before making thematic decisions—it's also important to consider one other key detail: the time of year. If you're lucky enough to be showering the woman of the hour in the springtime, you have so many romantic décor options, especially if you'd like the party to take place outside.

A garden-themed shower is the perfect way to celebrate both the guest of honor as well as the spring season. Since the weather gets better and better by the day, we urge you to take advantage and organize an outdoor event. One way to do this? A picnic with the bride's closest friends and family. Make like Honey & Twine, who organized the sweet scene seen here; the team placed a blanket on the ground and kept decorations simple with just a single centerpiece by ACME Floral Co. This can easily be recreated in a nearby park or even someone's backyard.

Ahead, you'll find lots of garden-inspired bridal shower ideas—from the smallest of details, like flower-covered invitations, to larger elements, like stunning floral installations (be sure to bookmark one ahead that uses bright orange carnations!). And if the weather doesn't cooperate on the day of the party, bring these flower-filled fixtures inside to have your garden party indoors. Planning an indoor event from the start? Her shower can still benefit from these fresh ideas. Pack the dessert table or bar with bloom-inspired treats, for example—we particularly love how one host asked their caterer to create lollipops with edible flowers.

Ahead, some of our favorite garden bridal shower ideas to inspire your own pre-wedding event.

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Floral Garland

orange carnation garland
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Throwing your garden party indoors? Bring the outside in. Siren Floral Co. created this stunning orange garland, which this made this indoor shower feel like it was being held in a secret garden.

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Floral Cake

bridal shower Mediterranean cake
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Hand-painted fondant flowers made this Sweet Lee Made cake appear as if it were plucked right from the garden.

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Floral Invitations

floral bridal shower invitation
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Let your guests know about your garden theme as soon as they get their invitations. Pretty Little Papers did just that with this floral and feminine suite, complete with bloom motifs and scalloped edges.

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Flower Bar

pink bridal shower flower bar
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Bars aren't just for drinks. Floriorgraphy Designs set up a flower station where each guest could arrange their favorite buds in a vase to bring home.

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Pressed Flower Pops

edible flower lollipops
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Incorporate florals into every inch of your pre-wedding party—including the sweets. Nadia & Co. made these lollipops using edible flowers.

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Floating Florals

drink with floating flowers
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This host created a garden-in-a-glass cocktail by dropping mini flowers—from Graceful Garland Co.—into each guest's rosé.

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Floral Ice Cubes

floral ice cube
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You can also use flowers to cool off your shower attendees' drinks. McLean Events upgraded these ice cubes with fresh blooms, which surely wowed guests.

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Floral Hoops

hanging floral hoops
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Statice Floral decorated gold hoops with greenery, peonies, and roses to create a modern floral installation at this outdoor party.

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Living Dessert Table

dessert table
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Fill your dessert table with florals and greenery for a wild, overgrown feel. Perfect Affairs Events made a wood desk look part of the outdoor landscape by inserting eucalyptus and flowers into its open drawers.

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Personal Cakes

pink bridal shower mini cakes
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Send your guests home with their own personal cakes, like these tiny confections from Cake Monkey Bakery. To nod to the garden theme, the pros topped each mini cake with a fresh flower.

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Floral Backdrop

floral garland backdrop
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A garden party calls for an Instagram-worthy floral backdrop. The host of this bridal shower got creative and handmade this dreamy installation using various blooms and greenery.

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Rose Invitations

pink bridal shower invitation rose
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A large, watercolor rose on these The Paper Lab invitations hinted at this event's natural theme.

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bird cage flowers
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These flower-filled birdcages added a bit of elegance and whimsy to this outdoor celebration.

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Ethereal Scene

french bridal shower arte de vie
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Blue Skies Events Nola hung Bella Umbrella parasols over this bridal shower table. The moss and floral-covered head chair made this tablescape fit for an Alice in Wonderland-themed celebration.

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Tiny Tent

bridal shower teepee set up
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A Beautiful Gathering brought bohemian vibes to this garden shower by dressing up the lounge area with a small tent, throw rugs, and pillows.

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Succulent Place Setting

bridal shower favors succulents
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Succulents are a great addition to any garden party's place settings. These Shop Succulents gifts also acted as favors.

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Floral Pops

floral popsicles
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Planning your outdoor shower during the summer? Consider a flower-centric dessert that will cool guests down. These lemonade ice pops, filled with fruit and edible flowers, were total crowd-pleasers.

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Plant Favors

bridal shower succulent favors
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This host encouraged guests to start their own gardens by giving out potted succulent and greenery favors.

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