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kelsey jacob wedding woman holding ceremony programs

A ceremony program is a good read, full of important information and fun incidentals. It's the place where you list the highlights of your wedding ceremony—the officiant's welcome, the titles of processional and recessional music, the readings' sources, the exchanging of vows and rings, any cultural or special rituals, such as lighting the unity candle, and the pronouncement of marriage. You can also list and include short bios of each member of the bridal party. His side of the family will learn that you and the maid of honor have been best friends since third grade; your relatives will be glad to know the cute ring bearer is the groom's nephew.

But getting all these details together is only worth the effort if guests take a program and read it! How do you make that happen?

Make it attractive.

You can design the program any way you want, but do put your name and the groom's (or your initials), the wedding date, and ceremony venue on the cover so guests will recognize it as a program.

Put programs in a pile in an obvious place by the entrance.

You want people to see them so don't be discreet. Put a sign over the stack, box, or basket that says, "Please take a program." Make the sign large enough and letters thick enough that guests will see it but not so large that it's tacky.

Ask someone to hand them to guests.

Even better than expecting guests to grab a program themselves is having it handed to them as they arrive. This is a perfect job for your tween cousins. But the ushers or your wedding planner could handle the job instead.

Or put a program on each guest's chair.

That way there's no chance they'll miss them! It will also avoid any bottleneck at the entryway.


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