You can learn a lot from how you choose to pamper yourself.
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If there's one thing every bride-to-be needs, it's time to relax, recuperate, and think about something other than wedding planning. That's why it's so important to adopt a few self-care rituals you can turn to when you need a break. Whether your go-to method for destressing is a day at the spa or an afternoon spent enjoying nature, we've broken down what your self-care go-to says about your wedding priorities. As you take some time for yourself, consider these wonderful ways to connect what matters to you with your wedding plans.


If spending an hour getting that perfect neutral mani is a weekly priority, you likely value the finer things in the life and care a lot about small details. Make sure to leave space in the budget for special, thoughtful touches, like a watercolor wedding invitation suite, gold foiled escort cards, or embossed menu cards. These details may be small, but their impact is huge.


Is your ritual of choice a 60-minute deep tissue massage? Then it's clear you value a relaxation, and probably prefer a more carefree environment. Consider tying the knot at a remote venue or even planning a destination wedding so that you and your guests can unwind for a long weekend. As you consider the guest experience, think of ways to upgrade the experience for them. Details like fans and sunglasses during a sunny ceremony and comfy lounge furniture and warm blankets during the reception are all good ways to do just that.


As a health-conscious yogi, chances are you're already planning to incorporate wellness into the big day. Consider taking a hyper-local approach to your wedding. Hire all locally-based vendors, serve a farm-to-table meal, and send guests home with eco-friendly favors, like mini succulents, fresh fruit, or flower seeds.

Coffee Dates

If there's nothing more relaxing that sipping an almond milk latte with your significant other, you may want to incorporate a foodie vibe into your wedding day. A late-night cappuccino station will help keep the party going, but hiring an indie folk trio for cocktail hour will lend coffee shop vibes to the party.


Getting in touch with nature is a sure way to find your zen. If you feel most grounded when you're hiking or camping, then incorporate those ideas into your big day. Look into hosting your nuptials outside, or else bring the outdoors in at your indoor celebration. Laser-etched wooden menu cards or a striking greenery band backdrop are good ways to achieve the latter.


As a bibliophile, you value conveying depth and meaning through the written word. That's why it makes sense to write your own wedding vows, or else incorporate quotes from your favorite authors intro your ceremony exchange. Thoughtful signage and stationery items, such as letterpressed table numbers featuring sweet sentiments on love, are a wonderful way to continue to thread your love of reading into the celebration.


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