28 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Exit

wedding exits smoke bombs
Wild Whim Design & Photography

All eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle, have your first dance, and cut into your wedding cake. So why should the last few minutes of your big day be any different? Go out with a bang—or rather, some sparkles, bubbles, flashing lights, or one sweet ride. The end of the reception is a time to celebrate all the fun that's been had and that you're about to embark on the next chapter of your life as newlyweds. Signal that pivotal moments with an organized send-off outside your venue or a cool getaway car. Better yet? Consider both!

We love the unique ways modern couples are choosing to end their receptions. After all, pretty exits not only look like fun, but they often make for some pretty epic photos. If you're thinking about finishing your celebration with one, we've rounded up some of the best ideas to consider—everything from ribbon wands and massive sparklers to a bevy of balloons are all fair game. Want to ride off in style instead? You'll find vehicles for your motorized exit—but whether you by land or by sea is entirely up to you. The one thing all of these exits have in common? They'll ensure that the party ends on a high note.

Here, a bride and groom, who initially thought they'd leave the scene amidst a shower of confetti, were surrounded by colorful smoke bombs at the suggestion of planner LB Events. As a juxtaposition to the modern and bold exit, the twosome then hopped into a classic Jeep with wood paneling. If you like this idea, get excited, because there are a whole lot more where it came from.

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On the Water

wedding exits boat britt rene photo

Make like this couple and share a kiss on the water as you're driven away in a beautiful, wooden boat.

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A Sparkler-Filled Driveway

wedding fireworks sparkler gorgeous getaway
Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

Wolf Stuntworks set up this scene, with sparklers along the driveway, which lit up as the couple rode through in a vintage car.

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Lots of Lanterns

wedding exits lanterns
Beyond the Darkroom

This bride channeled her love of the movie Tangled and the scene in which the sky is filled with hundreds of lanterns. Here, she and her husband release a lantern of their own, courtesy of Wedding Exits.

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Petal Power

wedding exits petals toss

Ask loved ones to shower you with fresh rose petals—or other blooms used throughout the décor for consistency—for a seriously pretty photo op.

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Up in the Air

wedding exits hot air balloon
Leah Marie Photography

What would be more dramatic, and offer a better vantage point, than hopping into a hot air balloon at the end of the night?

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Time to Getaway

wedding exits surrey bike
Something Minted

Enjoy the open air and hop on a surrey bike for your exit. Add a tropical touch with a "just married" leaf sign for good measure, just like this happy couple did.

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All Lit Up

wedding fireworks sparkler dazzling reflection
Stepan Vrzala

Make your sparkler exit twice as bright by setting off sparklers (like these Tirtha Bridal ones) by a body of water. Then marvel in their reflections.

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Safety First

cat denis wedding bride and groom sendoff
Jessica Lorren Photography

When your reception is taking place inside a museum, sparklers aren't always allowed. This couple improvised with streamer poppers as they exited the front of the building and headed to the after-party.

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Make a Wish

Anchor and Safety Throw Ring Accents
KT Merry

At this beachside celebration, the newlyweds and all of their guests released wish lanterns in to the night sky over the ocean.

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Ready for Confetti

confetti sophia bayly
Bayly & Moore

Have your loved ones shower your with tiny little pieces of confetti for a magical moment as you head out, holding hands, for your happily ever after.

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Surrounded with Love

Deb & Meryl's wedding sparklers
Redfield Photography

When guests line up holding long sparklers that stay lit even longer, it's hard not to be all smiles.

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One Sweet Ride

Sylvie Gil Photography

Ride off in style on a vintage motorcycle with a sidecar, just like this happy couple did. Before you do? Snap some cute pics (and show off your shoes).

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Raise Them Up

Emily Wren Photography

For a memorable end to the evening, walk through a tunnel of sparklers as you depart. With everyone cheering as they walked by, this couple's exit was clearly something they'll never forget.

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Float Away

wedding exits canoe marissa maharaj
Marissa Maharaj

These newlyweds hopped into a vintage canoe decorated with eucalyptus, salal, amaranthus, and roses by Marigold and Mint.

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A Surprise Getaway

Katie Stoops Photography

This groom had his heart set on driving off in a vintage car at the night. Unbeknownst to him, his bride found an old blue convertible that fit the bill and surprised him with it on the big day. Make like this thoughtful spouse and rent your own ride as a big surprise.

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A Snowy Getaway

Erin Kate Photography

What's more magical than a horse-drawn carriage pulling you and your new husband or wife along in a picturesque, snowy scene? Not much!

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The Sign Off

Abby Jiu Photography

Even if you're getting married stateside, you can still channel your roots or honeymoon destination. This couple was heading to Italy, but before they did, he carried her under a big sign that read "Ciao Baby."

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Riding Around

Redfield Photography

If you've got your own cool ride, use it! This couple decorated their Ural motorcycle with fresh flowers and greenery, a "just married sign," and trailing ribbons with cans on the ends for their big depature.

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A Love Boat

Anchor and Safety Throw Ring Accents
Aaron Delesie

When you get married by the water, why not exit on it? This couple jetted off on a lobster boat as they waved at loved ones back on land.

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In Tandem

NBarrett Photography

This happy couple pulled out all the stops. First, they gave their guests long sparklers. Then they hopped on a tandem bike decorated with streamers, glow-in-the-dark signs, and tiny string lights and rode through the tunnel of guests.

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A Bubbly Exit

Suzi Q. Varin

Loved ones gathered outside the venue and blew bubbles as this couple exited the building.

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Horsing Around

wedding exits horse carriage clark brewer
Clark Brewer

A horse-drawn carriage covered with dozens of ribbon streamers pulled this couple into their happily ever after.

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Ready to Ride

Aaron Delesie

A simple, calligraphed "just married" sign adorned the back of this vintage motorbike and sidecar making for a picture-perfect getaway.

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An Uplifting Exit

wedding exits sparklers
Awesomesauce Photography

Pick up your spouse and head through a tunnel of guests holding classic sparklers.

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Simple and Sweet

wedding exits balloons sharee davenport
Sharee Davenport

Guests held simple white balloons at the send off after this brunch reception.

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Confetti Time

wedding exits confetti chris-and ruth
Chris & Ruth Photography

Balloons were released while guests tossed white and gold confetti at this euphoric couple.

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Geek Out

wedding exits lightsaber glowstick
Awesomesauce Photography

Into Sci-Fi? That's cool. Hand out glow sticks to your guests to wear and then walk through a pair of light sabers instead of a traditional sword saber.

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