Welcome to one of the most wonderful (and emotional) years of your life!

By Erin Lindholm
December 27, 2018
Credit: Farran Manuel

Real talk, for a moment: Being engaged does change things-sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small, almost unnoticeable ways. But all of the joy, all of the discoveries about what wedding planning entails, and the range of emotions you'll both feel are very real, which is why planning a few New Year's resolutions as a couple is one of the best ways for you two to keep it all in perspective. Out biggest suggestion? Create resolutions that have very little to do with the wedding you're planning and everything to do with the two of you as a couple. There's enough talk about the big day right now, so spend a little time preparing for married life with these practical resolutions, perfect for any newly engaged.

Resolution: Try out your cooking skills in the kitchen once a week-each!

If there's one tried-and-true rule about cooking at home, it's the fact that no one is perfect. Guess what? Your future spouse will love you all the more for making the effort, even more so for all of the thought and planning that goes into preparing a meal for the two of you, whatever the results. There's always a lot of love that goes into cooking a meal for someone, and the two of you will be preparing meals together for many, many years-why not start honing those skills now?

Resolution: Daydream together about what your life will be like after marriage.

There's never a better time than when you're engaged to start discussing what sort of life you envision for the two of you. How do you feel about having kids, and when would be a good time? Where would you ultimately like to live? What bucket-list places would you love to see in the world? What do you imagine your life might be like when you're older and retired together? All of these conversations will be important building blocks for your life, so dream big.

Resolution: Amicably agree upon ownership over chores and tasks.

In order to have a harmonious home life, designation of life chores and tasks is important. It might sound mundane, but sharing the work of running a household is one of the cornerstones of a great marriage. If there's something that you feel that you do particularly well-say, loading/unloading the dishwasher, grocery shopping, or organizing your social calendar as a couple-offer to take ownership of it. By splitting up housework now, you're setting yourselves up for a happier future.


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