Sometimes the littlest wedding party members bring the biggest laughs.
dc flower girls ring bearer
Credit: Kate Headley

Flower girls and ring bearers almost always incite "awws" during the ceremony, but that's often in response to their unplanned antics. There's no amount of coaching, pep talking, or practice that can prepare these unpredictable, energetic little guys and gals for their important walk down the aisle. So, what happens when their imaginations and adorableness cause them to deviate from the plan? It makes for sweet memories you and your guests will remember for years to come. Here, the cutest, funniest of little ones entering the wedding.

The time the one-year-old wouldn't scoot.

Wedding planner Sara Fried once planned a wedding where the bride's sister was sure that her one-year-old daughter would happily scoot down the aisle if she had her walker. Trusting her sister's promise, the bride happily agreed to decorate the walker with flowers and garlands that matched the theme. But when it came time for her big reveal, the flower girl simply wasn't having it. "So, everyone in the aisle seats took turns helping to push her down the aisle and it ended up being the sweetest cutest thing ever," she explains.

The flower girl who wouldn't walk and wouldn't smile.

Wedding planner Tara Fay says children can be unpredictable at weddings. At one of her events, the flower girl became shy as soon as her performance was set to begin. "As soon as she had to walk up the aisle or be in a photo she went MIA," Fay shares. "Then when the photographer tried to take a photo, she refused to smile. But when she thought nobody was watching, she was smiling from ear-to-ear."

The flower girl who stole the show.

Fay also remembers a flower girl who took her role as mini-bride so seriously, she almost upstaged her aunt. "Not only did she insist on walking in front of the bride, but returned for a second run with the bride and then one more after that. She was so well practiced at it, and so good, that she really stole the show. Luckily, the bride didn't really mind her and saw the funny side to it," she says.

The time when the flower girl and the ring bearer were opposites.

They say opposites attract, but it can be hysterical to watch a ring bearer and a flower girl who couldn't be more different. As wedding planner Becky Baker recalls from one wedding, the flower girl was sweet and shy, while the ring bearer wanted to be the center of attention. "This sweet flower girl took her job distributing rose petals very seriously and stole the show when she dropped her basket of petals and would not continue down the aisle until every single petal was picked up. It was absolutely adorable," she remembers. "The ring bearer, however, wanted to also put on a cute show and did so at the reception… where he showed everyone up on the dance floor with his incredible dance moves to 'Watch Me Whip.'"

The flower girl who was very thorough.

The concept of throwing rose petals seems simple enough, but there are flower girls who have taken creative liberty when it's their turn to shine. Wedding planner at the Inn at New Hyde Park, Cynthia Pesce, remembers a flower girl who was very diligent and strategic about throwing petals, even placing them in specific spots. "It was absolutely adorable. Everyone was enjoying it and laughing. Then, when she got to the end of the aisle, she turned around and started picking them all up! Everyone started to really laugh out loud at that point!" she says.

The time the ring bearer wanted his turn.

Fried shared that sometimes the funniest part of the groom's party is the youngest guy. Especially when they don't quite understand the concept of getting married. During one wedding rehearsal, they practiced walking down with the bride's two nephews, each holding a cute sign. "After the first ring bearer walked down the aisle, he turned around and in front of everyone asked, 'When do I get to kiss the bride?'" she laughs.


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