We still "wove" this movie.

The Princess Bride may turn 30 today, but the plotline never gets old. And while most fans consider Buttercup (Robin Wright) and Westley (Cary Elwes) the movie's most romantic duo, Miracle Max (Billy Crystal) and wife Valerie (Carol Kane) nearly steal the show. In honor of the film's birthday, Variety just caught up with the cast, and Crystal and Kane described portraying the latter so perfectly.

While Miracle Max and his spouse Valerie play just a small role in the movie as a whole, the sweet, elderly, lovingly-bickering couple is adored by many fans. So how did Crystal and Kane make the duo so iconic? "We just got along," Kane shared.

Of course, aside from having "real fun together," the stars also put some effort into their acting. "We got together and we worked out some of our backstory," Kane shared. That backstory included the fact that the characters "had been married, we figure, about 112 years," Crystal added.

Aside from the film's two adorable romances, we're also obsessed with another detail-the movie's marriage ceremony. Though we're glad that Buttercup didn't actually marry Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon), we're forever grateful for the hilarious wedding scene, in which Peter Cook, who plays the officiant, describes the "bwessed awwangement" of "mawwiage." The words he recites are actually sweet-especially those about "twue wove"-and would work great as a funny real-life ceremony reading. Buttercup's gown is pretty incredible too, and makes for regal bridal inspiration.


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