The actor, who played Luke on the show, is all for a reboot that includes an over-the-top celebration.

By Hannah Nowack
August 14, 2019
Patrick Ecclesine/Warner Bros./Getty Images

There just might be a wedding in Stars Hollow. Scott Patterson, known to Gilmore Girls fans as Luke Dane, recently opened up about what he thinks Luke and Lorelai's nuptials would look like—something he hopes would be brought to fruition should the series' reboot, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, come back for a second season.

After Netflix released the four-episode miniseries, fans immediately wondered if the show's creators and cast might be up for adding to the story. Patterson confirms that, as of right now, plans for more Gilmore Girls haven't been made—but if they ever are, he hopes to see one key event unfold, he told Us Weekly: Luke and Lorelai's wedding. "Well, I'll tell you one thing, there better be a big, fat wedding!" he said. "I think that's what we should give fans. I think now it's time to give them, after 20 years, what they want."

Although Luke and Lorelai did ultimately end up together at the end of the 2016 Netflix series, fans never saw a ceremony (the couple eloped the night before the actual celebration). Patterson thinks that, after years of rooting for the fictional duo, fans deserve to witness their "big, funny, fun" wedding. As for what this onscreen event might be like? "Filled with drama, filled with laughs, filled with, you know, Miss Patty [forgetting] the dancers and then they would have to replace them with little children or dogs. Something very cute and goes right to the heart. A community pulling together to make it all happen," says Patterson. "Doing weddings is an American tradition in film and television. You've got all those great wedding scenes in big movies. And, you know, they're hard to do, they take a long time. You know, it's challenging, it's a bit expensive, but it's just worth doing. I mean, that's where the story wants to go."

As it turns out, there's definitely hope that this could become a reality. "If everybody can make the right deal, then it'll happen," Patterson told the outlet. "If everybody's available, then, you know, it could, it could happen—there's always hope."


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