Fresh & Fragrant Lilac Wedding Bouquets

A Bride Holding a Pink and Orange Lilac Bouquet
Ashley Largesse Photography

One of the biggest perks to planning a spring wedding is the abundance of in-season flowers just begging to be picked for your bouquet and floral arrangements. Early on in the season you can look for tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth, while late-spring brides can expect peonies, garden roses, and the first hydrangeas of the year to be readily available. As for brides tying the knot in smack in the middle of the season? You're in luck, because you'll have your pick of one of the prettiest, most underrated spring flowers around: lilacs.

Known for their signature purple color (but also available in white!) and decadently sweet fragrance, lilacs epitomize everything we all love about spring: Their shade complements nearly any seasonal-inspired color palette, their shape is loose and organic, and they perfume the air with one of the most incredible smells of any flower. In short, they hit all the senses.

Furthermore, they're pretty underrated as far as wedding flowers go. Since they have such a short blooming season (peak lilac season is here right now!), they're hard to find the rest of the year—although it's not impossible. So make the most of your spring wedding date and use these delicate, fragrant, and beautiful blooms in your bouquet. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. Here, find 21 examples of the prettiest ways to incorporate lilac into your big-day arrangement, either as the primary flower or as colorful accent.

This pink, orange, and purple bouquet was created by Valley Flower Co. and styled by Kate Dawson Events. Touches of lilac are mixed in with peonies and ranunculus, giving this ribbon-tied arrangement an utterly romantic vibe.

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Loose, Organic Bouquet

Pink Lilac Bouquet
Lauren Gabrielle Photography

A little bit of lilac can go a very long way, as evidenced by this Molly Taylor and Co. arrangement. Paired with fluffy peonies, trailing clematis, hellebore, and lots of greenery, the pale purple lilacs carefully tucked around this bouquet tie the entire color palette together.

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Late Spring Bouquet

White and Purple Lilac Bouquet
Julie Paisley Photography

Lilacs are one of the hallmarks of spring, typically blooming in the middle of the season. But the fragrant flowers can continue to pop right up until summer temps take over. This bouquet from Cedarwood Weddings celebrates the best of both seasons, combining lilacs with the very first hydrangea blooms of the year for a textural arrangement we won't soon forget.

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Blush & Purple Bouquet

Pastel Pink and Purple Lilac Bouquet
Ryan Ray Photography

If this incredible Bows & Arrows bouquet isn't giving you serious flower envy, we don't know what will. Lilacs, peonies, hellebores, sweet peas, clematis, and astilbe came together to become the perfect two-tone arrangement for a spring celebration.

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Mixed Lilac Bouquet

Pink, White, and Purple Lilac Bouquet
Kaysha Weiner Photographer

Blue Magnolia created this colorful bouquet using both classic and Miss Kim lilacs (the latter are known for the deeper purple hue and smaller size), along with peonies and greenery. The result is vibrant and eye-catching.

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Spring-Blooming Bouquet

White Lilac Bouquet

Summer blooms need not apply if you're consider an arrangement like this one, created by Jenny Park. Here, white peonies and delicate lilac come together for an entirely spring-inspired bouquet.

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Purple & Orange Bouquet

Dark Purple and Yellow Lilac Bouquet
Caroline Tran Photography

Could this Kelly Oshiro bouquet be any prettier? She arranged garden roses, ranunculus, lilacs, tulips and sweet peas for what just might be the loveliest orange and purple display ever.

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Tropical-Inspired Bouquet

Pink and White Lilac Bouquet
Off Beet Productions

They may not be the best pick for a destination wedding, but lilacs look beautiful when mixed with tropical blooms, like the protea arrangement see here. MDS Floral Designs put this unlikely pairing together—along with peonies and garden roses—for an unexpected yet totally lovely look.

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Eclectic Bouquet

White, Pink, and Green Lilac Bouquet
Josh Elliott Photography

We can't get enough of this bouquet from The Natre of Things Fine Flowers and Botanicals. They mixed lilacs with anemones, ranunculus, roses, hypericum berries, and greenery in a variety of different colors for an eclectic and charming looking.

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White Lilac Bouquet

White Lilac Bouquet
Lisa Blume Photography

They may be most known for their unforgettable purple hue, but lilacs are also available in bridal white (seriously!). On a Limb Floral Studio chose the white variety here and paired the wedding-worthy blooms with ranunculus, anemones, and roses for a neutral look that doesn't lack in style.

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Peony & Lilac Bouquet

A Light Pink and White Lilac Bouquet
Brklyn View Photography

What's prettier (and more fragrant) than the combination of peonies and lilacs? According to this bride, not much! We'd have to agree.

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Lush, Trailing Bouquet

A Pink Lilac Bouquet
Jenny B Photography

When it comes to wedding bouquets, Holly Heider Chapple knows how to do it right. There's so much to love about this trailing bouquet, made of roses, anemones, lilac, berries greenery, and so much more, but our favorite detail is most certainly those dainty purple blooms.

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Coordinated Bouquet

Light Yellow and Purple Lilac Bouquet
Whiskers & Willow Photography

We love careful color-coordination, and this bouquet from Little Fox Flower Shop is a great example of how to pull it off. White garden roses and greenery are studded with plenty of lilacs, and the entire arrangement is held together with a trailing purple ribbon that matches the blooms.

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Hand-Gathered Bouquet

A Bride Holding a Purple Lilac Bouquet
By Amy Lynn Photography

Layered Vintage create bouquet with a hand-gathered look in mind. Lilacs, ranunculus, anemones, and greenery made up this pretty mix.

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Unexpected Bouquet

Purple Lilac Bouquet
Lauren Balingit

To create this arrangement, Intertwine paired white and purple lilacs with succulents, ornamental cabbage, and dusty miller. Although unexpected, the combination works so well.

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Mixed Bouquet

White, Purple, and Pink Lilac Bouquet
Katherine Dalton Photography

Forage Floral Sustainable Design created this bohemian bouquet using ranunculus, dahlias, roses, and just a touch of lilac.

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Classic Spring Bouquet

White Lilac Bouquet
Kelsey Combe Photography

Fluffy peonies, dainty lilac, and mint-hued dusty miller make up this totally spring-inspired wedding bouquet.

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Muted Pastel Bouquet

Light Yellow and Purple Lilac Bouquet
Christine Sargologos Photography

This sweet bouquet is begging to be carried down the aisle at a spring celebration. Comprised of sweet peas, lilacs, daffodils, and muscari, the subdued pastel shades make a gorgeous color palette for a seasonal wedding.

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Totally Purple Bouquet

Lilac Bouquet in Shades of Pink
Camilla Jorvad

If purple is your favorite color, this is the arrangement for you. Created by Danish Island Weddings, this bouquet is made of peonies, lilacs, and hellebores.

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Bright Bouquet

A Bride Holding a Lilac Bouquet
Alyssa Ence Photography

Lilac goes with more than just purple and white. Here, Southern Blossoms Floral proves that these small flowers pair well with bold colors too, like orange ranunculus and burgundy roses.

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Vintage-Inspired Bouquet

Colorful Lilac Bouquet
Kerrie Mitchell Photography

There's something distinctly old-school about this colorful bouquet. Lilacs (in both white and purple), roses, and sweet peas are a classic combo.

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