And other wedding planning questions that there's no good answer to.
Credit: Samm Blake

Once you start planning your wedding, you might feel inclined to make a list of every somewhat hilarious rhetorical question you have about the entire process. There's so much time, planning, and effort that goes into pulling off one of the best nights ever, and the questions that come up aren't always of the email-to-your-wedding-planner variety. Here, we break down the questions you are bound to ask yourself at one point or another, but might be too embarassed to ask the pros about.

So, why are there so many decisions to be made for a wedding?

There's really no good way to answer this question, but the reality is that you're planning an event that has a lot of moving parts. Regardless of the size of your guest list, there are always going to be plenty of vendors to hire, rentals to order, menus to choose, décor items to gather, and attire to select. And since there's a bevy of options in all these categories, the decisions stack up overwhelming fast.

Does it really matter what color my bridesmaids wear?

You could easily swap out bridesmaids for flowers, tablecloths, napkins, invitations, or any other décor item and ask the same question. In reality, it only matters if it's important to you. There's no rule that says that everything at your wedding has to be the same color, or that it all has to match. In fact, some of the most gorgeous weddings incorporate a variety of colors and patterns throughout all of the décor items.

Why are all my guests so incapable of booking travel on their own?

While you may travel often for work and pleasure, your guests may not. Having a destination wedding often reminds us that booking travel doesn't come easily to everyone. Sure, it can be irritating when guests come to you with silly questions, but this is to be expected with a destination wedding. A good way to deal with this is to offer an FAQ section on your wedding website, or send out a mass email outlining helpful travel planning info.

What's with all the pressure to plan this wedding quickly?

When you first start planning a wedding, it's amazing how many people come out of the woodwork asking a million questions about when you'll get married, where you'll choose to celebrate, and what you'll wear. It takes time to figure all those details out, but many people forget how long it took to plan their own wedding and assume you'll have it all as good as planned as soon as you get that engagement ring.

How do you know when you have too many cooks in the kitchen?

This is one of the harder things to spot while it's happening, but if you have to ask, you probably do in fact have too many opinions making way into your decision making process. Your fiancé, mom, planner, florist, and catering team all have a good bit of sway, but you're the ultimate shot caller. Sometimes it's best to walk away from them all and come back with a decision of your own when you're ready.

What does everyone else do?

The default question many couples turn to when they're not sure what they'd like to do about a specific wedding detail, this is a question that almost always has a multi-part answer. There are so many traditions throughout the world that have been woven into how we celebrate a wedding that it's nearly impossible to say what's "the norm" when it comes to many wedding planning details. Skip this Q and go with what's instinctual for you.


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