Keep those feet warm and toasty by leaving these sad and scary movies about love, weddings, and marriage off of your Netflix queue.
Credit: Yuri_Arcurs

While there's nothing like a good marathon to get you through the more tedious tasks of wedding planning, you may want to stick with happy wedding movies. Here's our do-not-watch list:


Any other time in your life and this is a perfectly enjoyable romantic comedy. But before your wedding? It's probably not the best thing to watch since it's about a groom who leaves his bride right before the wedding to find a random girl he met a few years ago. It may as well be a horror film for brides-to-be!

A Good Marriage

And speaking of horror films, maybe don't watch this Stephen King thriller about a wife who discovers a deadly secret about her husband.

The Last Kiss

If (like us) you're thinking this movie starring Zach Braff is something like Garden State, you're wrong. The plot centers on commitment issues and infidelity-basically torture if you're about to tie the knot.

Fatal Attraction

The only thing worse than an affair? An affair with a psychotic, obsessive other woman who threatens to destroy your family. Yikes!

American Beauty

Good movie? Yes. Totally twisted view of married life? Yes. Repeat after us: "This will not happen to me."

Rosemary's Baby

We're pretty sure your future hubby would never promise the devil your firstborn child, but you might want to pass on this scary movie anyway.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

The iconic film starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton might make you a little afraid … of marriage, anyway.


This dark thriller about anger and jealousy won't exactly have you skipping down the aisle.

He's Just Not That Into You

Say it ain't so, Bradley Cooper. Say it ain't so!

Gone Girl

Don't let this dramatic story of disappearance and deception freak you out right before the wedding.


Sure, it's a cute movie. Except for the whole marriage-crumbling-because-of-the-husband's-immaturity thing.

Kill Bill 2

Because you don't need to add "massacre" to the list of things that might go wrong at your wedding.

A Guy Thing

The groom sleeps with another girl at his bachelor party? Wow, what a funny idea for a movie … Not.

The Graduate

Though the final scene of the Mike Nichols movie contains a wedding, it's not a happy one.

The War of the Roses

There's nothing rosy about the nasty divorce battle featured in this heavy dramedy.


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