Just to set the record straight.
Reynolds Family
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What we always suspected to be true is: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the superstar parents they appear to be! Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner caught up with Robyn Lively, Blake Lively's older sister, at the iHeart80s party this past weekend, and the Teen Witch star had nothing but praise for her younger sister and brother-in-law. The topic of her admiration? The couple's parenting of daughters James and Ines.

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively's Kids Just Made Their First Public Appearance!

"This is where she belongs," said Robyn in regards to her little sis being a mother (we'd argue she belongs in multiple roles-ahem, on the big screen-but that parenting's certainly one). Blake even extends her mothering to Robyn's kids, proving her family ties are strong. "She has my children and I have her children, [and] we're like, 'No, those are my children!' She's like, 'No, your children are my children.' We always argue about it. She's the best," Robyn added.

Ryan Reynolds wasn't left out either-Lively had solely nice things to say about the father of her nieces. "He's amazing too," she told Entertainment Tonight. "They're so great, and they protect their little family and they're normal," she confirmed (tell us something we don't know!). "Their family is everything and I'm so proud of them. They kept their sense of normality and that's amazing."

As if the sisterly praise wasn't heartwarming enough, Robyn also took time to share her own child-rearing advice with Blake (and parents everywhere). "What I have told her is just to [not] feed them and water them too much because they grow up too quickly," the actress joked. "They just grow up too quickly, just cherish and savor."


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