19 Stunning Wedding Bouquets With Ferns

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Roses
Photo: McCune Photography

If you're into the symbolic nature of flowers, you can't go wrong with including ferns in your wedding bouquet. Ferns represent everything from fidelity and eternal faithfulness to reverie, magic, and sincerity—it doesn't get more wedding appropriate than that. Even if you don't care quite so much about the symbolism, there's no denying that these pretty plants are especially wedding-worthy. Often used as an accent with more common wedding flowers (think peonies, garden roses, and anemones), ferns add a timeless beauty to any arrangement.

Whether you consider yourself a classic or modern bride, there's a type of fern that works with your arrangement and style. While there are countless varieties native to different areas, you can expect to find everything from tight feather-like leaves to looser, trailing shapes from this plant family. Ready to see how you can work ferns into your wedding bouquet? Here, you'll find plenty of fern bouquets done right—including this one from Bloomwell & Co.

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Gathered Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Only Greenery
Nina and Wes Photography

Type A Society arranged this entirely green bouquet using a mix of different varities of ferns, eucalyptus, and berries. It's so interesting and textural that we don't even miss the flowers.

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Classic Fern Bouquet

fern Wedding Bouquet with Peonies
Benjamin and Elise

White peonies and vibrant green ferns—has there ever been a more bridal combo? This arrangement, created by Debbie Nott Flowers, also features roses and ranunculus for good measure.

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Vibrant Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Garden Roses and Dahlias
Jessica Davies Photography

Wessex Flower Company arranged this bold bouquet of garden roses, peonies, dahlias, jasmine, eucalyptus, and ferns, then tied the entire mix together with trailing ribbons. The eclectic mix may seem non-traditional at first glace, but the bouquet would be at home in nearly any type of wedding, thanks to a healthy dose of classic bridal blooms.

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Cascading Fern Bouquet

Rachel Thurston Photography

For a Hawaiian destination wedding, this cascading arrangement of ferns was just the thing for the bride's bouquet. Teresa Sena Designs gathered and arranged the natural mix.

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Cheerful Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Peonies and Bright Flowers
Jen & Jonah

Ferns don't have to take a starring role in your bouquet to make a big impact. Case in point? This Nature's Nook arrangement. Peonies, billy balls, Bells of Ireland, and roses may be the first things to catch your eye here, but it's the ferns that tie everything together.

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Boho Fern Bouquet

Fern Bouquet with Peonies and Anemones
Rebecca Hollis Photography

Leslie Lukas Weddings & Events put together this bright, boho bouquet and wisely used as the perfect complement to vibrant peonies, anemones, clematis, and berries. The finished product was undeniably gorgeous.

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Trailing Fern Bouquet

Trailing Fern Wedding Bouquet with Garden Roses

Trailing bouquets can often look too busy when too many different blooms are involved. That's why On My Hand kept this arrangement simple, using only peonies, garden roses, trailing clematis vine, and ferns.

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Romantic Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Garden Roses and Protea
Allison Kuhn Photography

Light, airy, and utterly romantic, this bouquet from Nectar is what bridal dreams are made of. Classic peonies, roses, and lisianthus were paired with a more unexpected protea for a unique look. The entire arrangement was tied together with ferns and eucalyptus.

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Timeless Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Anemones
onelove photography

Green and white will never go out of style, making this bouquet a timeless beauty. JL Designs used green-eyed white anemones, roses, and ferns to create this pretty arrangement.

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Greenery and Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquets, All Ferns and Eucalyptus

No flowers, no problem. This arrangement features only seeded eucalyptus and ferns, but it's still so wedding appropriate.

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Traditional Fern Bouquet

Adam Barnes

Sweet Root Village created this classic white bouquet with a mix of fringed tulips, garden roses, spray roses, ranunculus, and peonies. Smilax vines and ferns completed the beautiful arrangement.

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Loose Fern Bouquet

Lauren Kinsey

This free-form bouquet from Mitchell Willis Events featured clematis, sweet peas, ranunculus, lilacs, and ferns. It's the type of arrangement that's perfectly suited for a laid-back, outdoor celebration.

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Petite Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Hydrangeas
Emma Freeman Photography

Your fern bouquet doesn't have to be huge to make a statement. This scaled-down arrangement featured ferns, roses, and hydrangea to beautiful effect.

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Cascading Fern Bouquet

Trailing Fern Wedding Bouquet with Roses and Dasies
Jess Petrie

The mix of roses, astilbe, miniature daisies, and ferns make this bouquet a total winner.

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Eclectic Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Peonies, Roses, and Zinnias
She Takes Pictures He Makes Film

If bright and colorful is your style, you'll love this tropical-inspired mix from Cecilia Fox. Zinnias, garden roses, and dahlias were paired with ferns for a bright and eclectic arrangement.

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Garden-Inspired Fern Bouquet

Jose Villa

For a garden wedding, what's more fitting than a bouquet that looks as if it's just been picked from the property? Flowerwild Productions created this arrangement—which featured garden roses, white cyclamen, wild grasses, and ferns—with that aesthetic in mind.

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Jewel-Toned Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Mixed Roses
Kellē Sauer

These jewel-toned bouquet from Floressence Flowers featured all of our favorite bridal blooms, plus a few more unexpected flowers. Roses, succulents, anemones, berries, and ferns made this colorful mix pop.

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Classic Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Peonies and Ranunculus
Let's Frolic Together

Is there anyone who doesn't love the combination of peonies, ranunculus, roses, and ferns? This picture-perfect bouquet is further proof that the mix will never go out of style.

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Green Fern Bouquet

Fern Wedding Bouquet with Succulents and Hydrangeas
Shaunae Teske Photography

For the bride who loves green, you can't go wrong with a colorful bouquet of hydrangeas, ferns, and succulent, just like this one.

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