Download and print our Fabric Dahlia Templates (be sure the Adobe Reader's page-scaling setting is set to "none"); then cut out one template along the solid lines. The PDF file contains several sizes; print the page that has the one you need.

For the dahlias worn in the hair and on the shoulder of the dress, we used the largest template (start with an 11-by-54-inch rectangle of fabric).

For the bridesmaid corsages, we used the second largest template and 5-by-27-inch fabric.

For the flower-girl headband and shoe clips, we used the three smallest templates and fabric in these three sizes: 3 by 18 inches, 5 by 27 inches, and 6 by 27 inches.

Cut your fabric into a long rectangle of the appropriate size. Fold the long edges of the fabric together, then fold the strip accordion-style. Pin it in place, and use the stencil to cut out the petals.


Knot your thread, and sew a running stitch 4 or 5 inches into the length of the fold, then pull to gather the fabric. Curl into a small coil, and stitch to anchor. Repeat in short stretches, curling the fabric around itself and anchoring it as you go. When you reach the end, stitch to anchor the coil. Use your fingers to shape and fluff the petals.


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