Exclusive: 7 Things You Must Know About Angel Sanchez's New Wedding Ring Collection

The bridal designer partnered with Kay® Jewelers to dream up a line of engagement rings and wedding bands, which are debuting just in time for Bridal Fashion Week. Here, Sanchez gives Martha Stewart Weddings the exclusive details on bringing his vision to life, as well as what's next.

Photo: Courtesy of Angel Sanchez

With a penchant for architecture and drama, Angel Sanchez has been designing timeless wedding dresses for decades. Now, he's teamed up with a jewelry company to offer brides another big-day must: the ring. "I have always believed in interpreting women's visions and bringing them to life in designs that make them feel feminine and beautiful," Sanchez says. "When I began to think of designing bridal jewelry, I knew I would need a partner that shared my commitment to creating pieces with every bride's personal dream in mind, and I found just that in Kay® Jewelers. I am incredibly proud of this collection and very excited to share it with the world." Here's what you have to know about the Sanchez's foray into jewelry design.

Courtesy of Angel Sanchez

He's staying true to his signature style.

If you're a fan of his wedding dresses, you're going to like his rings. The pieces echo the same romantic, textured effect as Sanchez's gowns-only the medium has changed. Instead of fabric, the designer's signature style of undulating curves, layers, and folds are achieved through metals rather than with fabric. The ruffle motif in particular can be seen rippling throughout the collection.

The idea has been a dream for quite some time.

"After so many years doing bridal, I was reassured that the ring is the first and probably most important symbol of the engagement-it's the where it all begins," Sanchez says. "I always had curiosity on interpreting that little object with a lot of symbolism. But it wasn't until over a year when that curiosity transformed in a possibility when I received a visit from Fern Mallis. She suggested me to [diamond and gemstone jewelry wholesaler] Fabrikant-Tara for this project, and then I met the amazing Sterling team, then I felt I was in perfect hands. Throughout this year, all the curiosity became a grand passion."

He designed the rings with "his" bride in mind.

As for who he envisions wearing these pieces? "The same bride I dedicate my collection to," Sanchez says. "The bride who appreciates the details, but doesn't like excess. A bride that prefers what is delicate and modern."

Courtesy of Angel Sanchez

His favorite piece from the line is …

"My favorite is a very simple style, with a cascading band and simple stone," Sanchez says. "For me, this ring summarizes the spirit of the collection: fresh and delicate."

Jewelry design has been an educational experience for him.

"At the beginning I found it very different [from designing dresses], but little by little I've been enjoying the whole process-not only the creative side, but also, and more importantly, educating myself with the technical part," Sanchez says. "Once you understand them, it's really fascinating!"

Courtesy of Angel Sanchez

He plans on expanding into more than just rings.

"I would like to design earrings," Sanchez says. "I'm very excited with the many creative possibilities of jewelry."

And maybe shoes, too.

"I love the idea of designing a bridal shoe line, but with a more relaxed and modern vision than the classic white bridal shoe," Sanchez says.

Courtesy of Angel Sanchez
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