20 Unique Wedding Cake Shapes Contemporary Couples Should Consider

fondant relief square stacked wedding cake
Photo: Pura Soul Photography

Bet you didn't see these one-of-a-kind confections coming.

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unique cake shape rectangle stacked
Tiarra Sorte

There's a part of you that believes that wedding cakes are antiquated, and then there's another part of you that does want to cut into a confection (and stuff your new spouse's face with it!) on the big day. While we'll always be a fan of the traditional tiered dessert, we're here to compromise. Instead of scratching cake entirely, opt for one in a one-of-a-kind, didn't-see-that-coming shape. This way, the wedding cake you choose will feel less like a dessert that's been served at receptions for generations, and more like a little piece of the future—that also happens to taste really, really good.

Just take the following cake shapes from real celebrations, for example. From new iterations on the classic round and square shapes (like this one, by BAKED!) to asymmetrically-tiered cakes that are as creative as they come, there are so many ways to turn your something sweet into something completely unexpected. Looking for something way, way out there? Make like one couple and break up your cake's hexagonally-shaped layers with an actual terrarium. Planning a tropical-themed fête? Your party definitely needs a pineapple-shaped cake.

If you're not looking to make that much of a splash, several of the following confections will still catch your eye. We were sure to include plenty of classic-with-a-twist options. Be on the lookout for deconstructed two tier cakes that are basic in theory, but entirely their own simply because the layers were placed next to, instead of on top of, each other. Ready to check out all of these contemporary creations? Click through to discover wedding cake shapes you've ever seen before.

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Contemporary Cylinders

modern cylinder wedding cake gold wire halos
Maria Lamb

Take notes from Lilac Cake Boutique's innovative confection and break up same-sized cylinder tiers with super skinny layers. Bonus points if you add those gold wire halos for extra volume.

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Double Square

fondant relief square stacked wedding cake
Pura Soul Photography

We're all for this double-square confection by Jasmine Rae Cakes, but we're even more in love with the fondant leaf motifs, which bring the dessert into bas-relief.

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hexagon cake
Anna Roussos

Two hexagonally-shaped layers would have been enough to put this Pavlov's Lab creation on this list. The terrarium "tier" is just a mind-blowing bonus. Also noteworthy? The honeycomb-inspired details on the confection's base, which echo the shapes above.

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stacked square wedding cake gold rimmed
Kat Willson

Tiered wedding cakes traditionally feature a large base, medium middle layer, and small topper. A. Elizabeth Cakes broke this mold entirely with this ultra-modern confection, which consisted of miscellaneous-sized tiers that ranged from skinny and flat to robust and extra-tall. Gold-rimmed circles filled with hunter green fondant completed the unique look.

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unique wedding cake crepes
Alicia Lacey Photography

Now, here's a quick way to ensure that your wedding cake isn't traditionally-shaped. Simply opt for a confection alternative. This lavender-topped crepe number by Gateau Bakery is one to bookmark.

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square celestial cake
Milou + Olin Photography

A celestial-inspired paint job (how out-of-this-world is that inky black hue?) isn't the only thing that makes this Paper Heart Patisserie confection unique. The tiers' petite boxy square shape is just as innovative.

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Classic with a Twist

beveled edge wedding cake
Theo Milo Photography

Cinda's Creative Cakes' dessert is almost the quintessential wedding cake—until you take a look at the beveled edges.

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unique one sided wedding cake
Emily Wren

This one-sided confection, crafted by Nutmeg Cake Design, is definitely a first. The result of the tiers' unique placement? A cake that's the perfect balance between retro-mod and sleek futuristic.

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tropical gold pineapple cake
Amy & Jordan

Getting hitched on a Hawaiian beach or on a private Caribbean island? Consider adding a pineapple cake (in form, not necessarily in flavor!), like this one by Sugar Lab Bakeshop, to your dessert table.

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One Cake, Two Shapes

unique wedding cake mixed shapes
Devon Donnahoo

This Cakes by Holly K dessert may be petite, but it contains two distinct cake shapes: a hexagon and two cylinders.

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seven tiered cake with flowers
Roberta Facchini

Does ceiling-high count as a cake shape? We say it does—especially when the confection consists of seven asymmetrical tiers, like this stunner by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium.

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Modified Croquembouche

croquembouche cake
Cheers Babe Photo

This cone-shaped croquembouche, a classic French cake, comes with one fun little twist. Instead of caramel-threaded pastry balls, this Bottega Louie interpretation features creamy macarons.

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square stacked angled wedding cake
Millie Holloman Photography

We love how the bottom tier of this tile-inspired masterpiece (by the aptly-named The Art of Cake!) is angled differently than the rest of its five tiers.

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Gold Octagon

gold octagon cake
Dawn Johnson of Poetry and Paper

A splash of gold metallic cake paint ties this octagonal and round two-tier dessert from ABCD Cakes together.

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two different flavored cakes side by side on board
Meg Fish Photography

Who says you have to "layer" cake layers on top of each other? As evidenced by Sweet Stuff Cake, they work just as well next to each other. If you decide to serve up two distinct flavors, this approach caters to both chocolate and vanilla lovers in a much more obvious way.

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slim naked cake wedding
Ether and Smith

A skinny top layer offsets the wider bottom of this naked two-tier by Frost It Cakery.

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Thick Crepes

thick crepe wedding cake
Hunter Ryan Photo

Sure, flaky, paper-thin crepes have their charm. But crepes (like these from Show Me Love Confections) that look more like pancakes? Sign us up.

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lori john wedding california cake
Steve Cowell Photography

Who says that only multi-tiered confections can be uniquely shaped? This Creative Cakery Bundt, iced to perfection with a cream cheese glaze, suggests otherwise.

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slanted cake
Carolyn Scott

The slanted angles of these asymmetrical layers (created and designed by Sugarland!) make for a fun optical illusion.

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Skinny Middle

unique wedding cake skinny middle
Morais Fotografia

You don't traditionally see super-skinny middle layers, especially if the rest of the tiers are on the larger sized. Migalha Doce proves, however, that the size differential definitely works.

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