Try out these tips for the best custom vows.
Credit: Kat Braman

Some couples like traditional vows, while others modify and modernize the classic version ("I now pronounce you man and wife" is changed to "husband and wife"). And then there are those who want original vows, which is the ultimate way to personalize their wedding. Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind if you're planning on doing a custom version.

You can get help from Adele.

Or Rascal Flatts, Emily Bronte, or any other artist who has produced meaningful, relevant words. Borrow lines from songs, poems, and books that express how you feel about your future spouse.

You may feel emotional just thinking about your vows.

That's good! Put that emotion to use by writing down how you're feeling. Does thinking about your groom make you feel content/joyful/excited about your future? Use it!

You may get writer's block.

You know how you feel but not how to say it? Give yourself a quiz: What happened that made you realize you were in love with him/her? What do you love and admire most about this person? How do you see your future together?

You should keep it short.

Ask your officiant for an approximate length but usually one to two minutes is enough time to say what needs to be said.

Clichés are boring.

They're also the easy way out. Saying "it was love at first sight" is like saying, "I couldn't think of anything original to say." You can keep the thought of a cliché but put it in your own words, like "I felt an instant connection the first time we met and that quickly grew into love."


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