Romantic Valentine's Day-Inspired Wedding Ideas

bride groom xo wreaths
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Fall in love with these red, pink, heart-shaped, and other romance-themed ideas, all pulled straight from real celebrations.

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Valentine's Day celebrates love, and your wedding celebrates your love. So, why not play matchmaker and pair the two to create an extra-special event? Whether you book your big day to take place on the holiday itself or simply throw a Valentine's Day-themed affair, there are plenty of ways to maximize the romance.

While planning a bash inspired by Valentine's Day, look to the things that are associated with February 14, and brainstorm how they can be incorporated into your celebration. One of the easiest ways to nod to the holiday is by working with a thematic color scheme centered around red, pink, or both. You can then choose flowers, stationery, fashion items, or other nuptial elements in the selected shades.

In addition to (or instead of) festive hues, you can work with thematic motifs. Hearts are an obvious option, and can be worked into everything from your décor to your desserts. But there are other things—like the letters X and O—that you can consider as well. Finally, you can turn to the media and honor romance-related characters (think: cupid) or well-known tales of love. Use stories and the like to pull quotes or symbols from—your guests will enjoy connecting the dots.

To help you plan a Valentine's Day-inspired wedding, we've illustrated these ideas and more with photo examples from real ceremonies and receptions. Click through for a bunch of great ideas before deciding on the details of your own romantic fête. We have a hunch that you'll fall for at least one.

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Kiss-Themed Table Labels

Wedding centerpiece
Michael Radford

Instead of numbering their reception tables, this couple labeled each one with the word "kiss" written in a different language.

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"Love" Balloons

bride groom xo wreaths
Britta Marie Photography

Balloon letters aren't just fun to pose with—using them is an easy way to convey your wedding's romantic theme.

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Arrow Motifs

arrow wedding escort cards
Amber Gress

An arrow-and-target décor piece doubled as the seating display at this wedding. Create something similar in honor of cupid and his bow.

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Pink Drinks

bride groom xo wreaths
Kat Braman

Guests can sip on festively-hued cocktails thanks to popular ingredients like grenadine.

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Pink Bouquet

marianne patrick bridal bouquet
Lacie Hansen Photography

Tons of flowers come in pink, so a bouquet in the color is easy to achieve. To amplify the wow factor, arrange your blooms for an ombré effect like this bride did.

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Petal Cones

bride groom xo wreaths
Addison Jones Photography

This creative toss idea doubles up on romance. First, get petals in Valentine's Day shades. Then, distribute them to guests in cones made from pages of your favorite love-themed novel.

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Pink Stationery

aislinn eric wedding malibu pink stationery
Joel Serrato

This pretty-in-pink stationery by Kelsey Malie was oh-so lovely. Replicate the chic color scheme for your Valentine's Day affair.

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Pink Macarons

bride groom xo wreaths
Addison Jones Photography

Pink macarons nod to Valentine's Day in two ways—their color, and the dessert's popularity in Paris, France, a.k.a. the city of love.

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Pink Bridesmaids' Dresses

bride groom xo wreaths
Lauren Fair Photography

Dress your support squad in thematic colors—blush is typically well-received.

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Red Transportation

kate nick wedding vintage car
Jessica Antola

Arrive to or depart from your wedding in a red-colored ride.

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Love Quotes

bride groom xo wreaths
Sylvie Gil Photography

The cocktail napkins at this celebration bore quotes from various love stories.

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Romantic Candles

bride groom xo wreaths
Catherine Mead

Candles always set a romantic vibe, but they are especially pretty when they're styled in unique ways, like floating on water.

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Heart Ring Box

Erin Kate Photography

If you'd rather show your mushy side to just your partner and not your entire guest list, add romantic details (like a heart) to more private elements of your celebration (like your ring box).

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Heart Sign

neon heart sign
Amber Gress

Make sure that all signs point to love by adorning your venue with cool décor, like neon or marquee varieties.

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Festive Color Scheme

bride groom xo wreaths
Emily Delamater Photography

Go all out with a holiday-appropriate palette full of reds and/or pinks.

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Romantic Ceremony Arch

bride groom xo wreaths
Stephanie Sunderland

Red and pink petals lined the aisle that led to this ceremony structure, which was adorned with flowers in the same shades.

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Festive Table Arrangements

reception table
Michael Radford

At this event, tables were arranged to resemble the symbols of hugs and kisses, X and O.

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Thematic Wedding Venue

Pink and Leather Wedding Shoes
Catherine Mead

A pink or red wedding venue might be tough to find, but it'll certainly drill in your theme. Plus, it'll look beautiful in photos.

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Festive Welcome Gift


In lieu of a traditional welcome bag, this couple gave their guests umbrellas emblazoned with the words "pitter patter goes my heart."

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Heart-Shaped Boutonnière

Mr. Haack

Wear your heart on your sleeve—or your lapel—as this groom did for his wedding. The gold sequined design became part of his boutonnière.

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Romantic Seating


Steal the idea from this couple, who seated guests in a mix of vintage settees and upholstered chairs in shades of pink.

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Heart-Shaped Programs

Shannen Natasha Weddings

Keep your guests cool with heart-shaped paper fans, which doubled as programs at this event.

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Cute Exit Toss


For a fun exit toss idea, fill little burlap sachets labeled "Spread the Love" with confetti in the shape of a heart.

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Heart Escort Cards

Flora + Fauna

Romance your guests with heart-shaped seating cards. This bride was so committed to the idea, that she registered for a special horticultural license to export these heart-shaped plants from Thailand.

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Heart-Shaped Wreath

bride groom xo wreaths
Catherine Mead

This gorgeous heart-shaped wreath of hydrangeas, roses, and peonies hung on a door at one couple's reception, hinting at the romantic event inside.

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Heart Wedding Cake

Laura Murray Photography

These newlyweds served five different cakes at their wedding, including this vanilla one by Intricate Icings that was decorated with ombré hearts.

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Pink Cupcakes

Ella Blue Studio

At their wedding, this couple served miniature cupcakes with rose-colored icing by Cupcake Royale.

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Red Table Accents

bride groom xo wreaths
Abby Jiu Photography

These spouses decorated their tabletops with geometric vessels filled with bright red peonies.

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Festive Headpiece

Amber Gress

Check out this unique red headpiece, which was made of red silk flowers and worn by one of our real brides.

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"Love" Shoes

bride groom xo wreaths
Hannah Hudson Photography

How fun are these red Kate Spade flats, with "love" spelled out on the toes in gold?

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