Copper Candle Centerpieces

Scented geraniums, herbs, and other foliage nestle in terra-cotta pots at the reception; the bride and her family hand-painted the pots and grew the plants, and invited their guests to take home their favorite as a favor.

Tools and supplies

Terra-cotta pots with saucers (mixed sizes, available at garden-supply stores)

Acrylic or latex paint

Sponge paintbrush

Flowering plants (Laura used scented and fancy-leaf geraniums)

Potting soil

Numeral rubber stamps

4-by-6-inch deckle-edged paper cards


Potted Herb Centerpiece How-To

1. Well in advance, paint the terra-cotta pots, covering the outside and only about 2 inches of the inside of the lip, and the tops (but not undersides) of the saucers. You may need a couple of coats to get full coverage.

2. A few days before the event, repot your flowering plants into the pots. To make the table numbers, rubber-stamp the numbers onto the cards, and tape a skewer onto the back of each card. Insert the skewers into the soil in the pots. To get big numbers, use the Oversized Numerals Rubber Stamp Set, by Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels, for stores.


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