Find out why the Margo & Me style blogger decided to give her fiancé a sneak peek of her bridal gown!
Credit: Frederick Cipoletti

Freddie and I look to each other for about absolutely everything. There's not a decision one of us makes without bouncing it off the other, not because we made that a rule but we both really value each other's opinions! And my wedding dress was no exception.

I did my first few shopping trips with my mom, sister, and maid-of-honor. A girlfriend had told me to wait to pick the dress until we'd locked in the venue. I couldn't agree more. It's important to know the location so the dress can complement it. I tried on about ten dresses, knowing I wanted a gown with a long train. That particular season, trains weren't very popular though. Then when I tried on this one, the twelve-foot train stole my heart. It took up the entire dressing room! I kept screaming and laughing, "yes, this is it!"

So after picking out my Pronovias gown, I showed Freddie photos. My thought was that he wouldn't see me in it until the actual wedding. But when we flew to New York for the first fitting, even though I wasn't planning on letting him see, he was there and once I put the dress on, I had the seamstress go and get him from the lobby. I was talking to him through the curtain telling him I changed my mind and wanted him to see. His expression was exactly what I had hoped for.

Credit: Frederick Cipoletti

"My jaw dropped," Freddie remembers. "I was literally speechless. I think she could tell by my expression that I approved." He was at the first fitting to document the alterations and offer support too.

Next to the dress, the most exciting part of wedding style shopping was finding the right shoes. I was looking for something personalized when I came across Jimmy Choo's Made To Orders. You can personalize your heels with gold initials and symbols! Naturally I ordered J and F with a heart symbol in between. Since it takes a few weeks, I ordered them to arrive before the fitting. Having the actual shoes you will be wearing day of is support important so your seamstress can determine the perfect length.

Credit: Frederick Cipoletti

Once the dress arrived in store, there were three fittings-and lots to learn.

1. Schedule your last fitting as close as you can to your wedding date so the fit can be perfect.

2. Bring all of the actual underpinnings and shoes you'll be wearing on your wedding. Reenact the exact outfit so there's no room for error.

3. Pay attention to the details. You're spending a lot of money on the dress so make sure everything's as it should be. Don't be afraid to say something. Not one bead should be out of place. A lot of people will have opinions, but make sure yours is heard loud and clear.

Credit: Frederick Cipoletti

To see Jenny in her dress and custom shoes on the big day check out the gallery of her wedding. For even more behind-the-scenes scoop, click here. And follow @margoandme on instagram, where #margoandmeandmartha has even more extras.


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