Gabriela and Tyson's Farm-Fresh Martha's Vineyard Rehearsal Dinner

The Couple

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On June 20, 2014, a day prior to their nuptials, Gabriela Herman and Tyson Evans welcomed all of their guests to Martha's Vineyard (and their wedding weekend), with a casual gathering on a picturesque property. Beetlebung Farm, which the couple even considered for the wedding venue, provided an ideal atmosphere for the casual event, and much of the night's cuisine, too.

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A Bunch of Beers

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Gabriela and Tyson had been to several parties at Beetlebung Farm before, and thought that their presentation of beers in a tractor would be fitting of their rehearsal dinner.

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The Setup

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Hay bales and blankets (many brought by friends who live locally) added a casual seating option.

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Custom Napkins

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Foil-stamped cocktail napkins designed by the bride and ordered through For Your Party boasted a rendering of Martha's Vineyard, the couple's initials, and the year.

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Tasty Bites

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Tomato bruschetta was one of the passed appetizers, served on natural wood boards.

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The Fare

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What's a summer night soirée without fresh vegetables?

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The Food

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A buffet was set up on a long wood table. In keeping with the coastal New England location, there was also a chowder station with oyster crackers—a favorite of the bride.

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Spuds for Days

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New potatoes were served, along with salad greens, bluefish fillets, and roasted chicken.

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Simple Décor

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Planner Emma Young also handled dressing up the picnic tables. She created little vignettes of vintage glassware and flowers atop vintage handkerchiefs.

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Memories on Display

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"We wanted to share family photos and pictures from our childhoods," Gabriela says. "We also knew that assembling any sort of video and projection would be out of the question logistically with being outside." Instead, they compiled about 100 4-by-6-inch prints and used mini clothespins to affix them to a fence for all to see.

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The Highlight

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What was the pair's favorite part of the night? The six toasts!

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Made With Love

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Tyson's friend Whitney, a full-time accountant and part-time baker, made jars of sweets for dessert, like olive oil cake infused with rosemary and covered with an orange glaze, and gin and tonic cupcakes garnished with candy lime wedges.

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David Wright Weddings

Location and Catering: Beetlebung Farm

Event Coordinating and Styling: Emma Young

Photography: David Wright Weddings with Elizabeth Cecil and Liz Devine

Music: Charlotte Benjamin

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