The art of being a bridesmaid is a noble task deemed to those deserving few who rank at the upper tier of a bride's friends and family network (save for the obligatory sister-in-law, but that's another topic entirely). And while your ladies are honored to be chosen, there are a few things that they think—but would never actually say out loud! Here is some crucial insight into what's going on in the mind of your bridesmaids, beyond their perma-smiles. Ladies, take note!
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Why is this dress so @!#% expensive?

Just because you're dropping a paycheck's worth of money on your wedding dress, that doesn't mean your bridesmaids can (or want!) to do the same. Making them fork over $650 because you think it's "so beautiful how could they not get more use out of it?" is all sorts of wrong. Trust us, there are lots of good alternatives that will look just as pretty in wedding pictures that cost way less.

No one will notice if my shoes are leather or suede.

... or if my stockings are nude instead of natural or if my hem is three eighths of an inch shorter than the dictated length. There will be no one with a microscope dissecting hemlines, hose, or heels. In fact, all attention will be on you, so, do not stress (or stress them out) about minutia.

No means no: I don't want the bouquet tossed to me!

While the bride may have perfectly good intentions, not every bridesmaid wants to be singled out as a 'maid and made a spectacle of during the bouquet toss or have her Facebook status on display IRL.

Did you really just invite me without a plus one?

A member of the wedding party should be invited with a date, especially if she's of a certain age (i.e. a few years out of college) or if she's single and EVERY ONE of your other friends decided to get married before they were 25. While this is not an official rule, put yourself in her dye-able heels for one second. Yeah, we thought so.

I have never been so excited for you.

Sure, your bridesmaids may hate the dress and would probably rather spend the night drinking wine and watching Clueless than DIYing favors with your future sister-in-law, but your bridesmaids are actually over-the-moon excited to be apart of your special day. They just want to make sure you savor every moment and don't sweat the small stuff.


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