Tools and Materials

5-inch "Westminster" honeycomb-paper bells

9-inch "Westminster" honeycomb-paper bells

(4 to 5 bells in each color; each bell yields up to 3 flowers)

Glue stick

Double-sided tape

Cloth-wrapped floral-wire stems

Pop-Up Paper Bouquet How-To

1. Remove cardboard backing from both sides of each bell, and snip off the two tabs that have staples. Cut bell into petal shapes


2. Rub a glue stick along the straight edge of the petal (indicated in the photo by the dotted lines) to create a thick layer of glue; glue petal to floral wire.


3. While glue is still wet, open up the petal to create a full bloom and secure flower shut with glue. Continue to make tissue flowers in various shapes and sizes until you have enough for a full bouquet. Let dry before arranging. Our bouquet has about 20 blooms.


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